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  • hisstik hisstik Aug 13, 2012 6:58 PM Flag

    Cramer says Romney/Ryan against Nat gas act

    Between Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan we are on Oil only...with some cheap coal...

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    • That is true. But there are also politicians that are well run and create tens of thousands of jobs, generate wealth for individuals, and significantly impact our economy and quality of life.
      It would be great if some corporation can do the same but the Exxon Mobiles and BPs creating Eden is far less likely. They seem to employ only a few people yet soak up tons of cash from the common folk.

    • That is true. But there are also corporations that are well run and create tens of thousands of jobs, generate wealth for individuals, and significantly impact our economy and quality of life.
      It would be great if our government can do the same but the Hatfields and McCoys creating Eden is far less likely.

    • I don't think you are correct !!!!!!!!!!!!

      What so called day did Cramer this ??????



    • I believe WPRT is on Cramer tonight

    • They are!

    • There's nothing wrong with enforcing EPA standards..In case you haven't noticed, this is the hottest year on record..Nat gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, which helps and wind and solar are renewable. Instead of Big Oil recording billions in profit each quarter, they should have a moral obligation to have safer controls and cleaner standards..Coal keeps talking about clean coal technology, but because that's not a reality, they are exporting to China and India..All these new energies create JOBS and make us ENERGY independent..If Oil and Coal started cleaner programs, that would create jobs too...
      With no demand, oil is still hovering around 100 much for free enterprise..[supply and demand]

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      • It is just common sense. The green movement to wind and solar is so costly that to compete with hydro carbs the price has to come down for solar and wind or the price of hydro carbs has to increase. You have to be a fool or a diehard liberal (IMO the same) not to notice many solar companies have gone out of bussiness even with gov. money because they can't compete. This lets somebody with common sense think that the price of oil and hydro carbs will skyrocket if this socialist gets back in the whitehouse.

    • No doubt about it, Big oil owns Mitt in the tune of Millions

    • Republicans do not want to pick winners and losers..hmmmm..It's so obvious they are backing big oil and refuse to stop the corporate welfare..Republicans say jobs, jobs, jobs, but consistently vote against the nat gas act, clean energy bills and the transportation bill. This alone would create millions of jobs and make us energy independent...After that, you work to lower the debt...The fact that we import oil from a Cartel, takes billions of American dollars and transfers it to the Mideast. If we can become exporters instead of importers, we will bring down the debt significantly and help the American people..

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      • Every thing you say is correct, the problem is the scumbag politicans on both sides are ok with destroying the country if it keeps them in power.

      • If Obama was seriously interested in energy independence, he wouldn't be carrying out a war on all fossil fuels, including natural gas:

        1. Strongly pushed the Obama/Waxman/Markey cap and trade bill, HR 2454, which attacked all fossil fuels, including nat gas, as greenhouse gas polluters. This bill heavily taxed and capped fossil fuel use. Obama and Pelosi rammed this bill through the Pelosi led house in 2009, but they couldn't get it through Obama's own Democrat led Senate. 2. The recent Obama EPA smear campaign against companies involved in fracking (EPA lost in courts three times for reason of having insufficient evidence for their charge that companies were polluting aquifers with fracking), 3. The Obama EPA expanding their authority to regulate greenhouse gases without Congressional approval, 4. Federal regulations that drive to cost to convert an automobile to natural gas to more than double the cost of conversion anywhere else in the world, 5. The Obama interior department purposely slow walking all oil and gas permitting and leasing on Federal lands as well as prohibiting production off the East and West coasts (The increase in domestic oil and gas production is on state and private lands, not Federal lands), 6. The Obama administration closely working with the Sierra Club and green movement to block the Keystone Pipeline, which besides bringing crude from Canada, would bring high quality crude from our very own Bakken oil fields to refineries, 7. Obama's Secretary of Energy Chu telling the Wall Street Journal that he would like to see our fuel prices go up to those in Europe, more than double, for the purpose of making his beloved renewable fuels more cost competitive, 8. First time Presidential candidate Obama telling the press in 2008 that under his plan of cap and trade, that electricity rates would "necessarily skyrocket", 9. Obama's former Energy Czar, Carol Browner, recently saying in an energy conference that she supports Obama essentially blackmailing natural gas producers in a second term by telling them that the Federal government will "allow fracking" if they in turn will support taxes on C02 emissions and steadily increasing mandates to use renewable energy, 10. Obama's former green jobs czar, Van Jones, a card carrying communist, saying that he is in favor of a complete Federal takeover of the energy sector for the purpose of mandating "social justice for minorities", 11. Obama's continued support for massive subsidies to bio fuels and renewable energy: Obama has the Navy purchasing and using algae bio fuel at a horrific cost of $26 per gallon. 12. Obama's continued call to remove the IRS Section 199 domestic production tax write offs from oil and gas production while leaving this tax treatment for all other domestic manufacturers --- which constitutes a targeted tax hike on oil and gas production, not the removal of a subsidy, 13. Obama's ongoing support for the $10,000 Federal tax subsidy to purchase an electric, GM Volt. 14. EPA rules that make it impossible to build a profitable new coal plant and impossible to export coal off our own West Coast (companies are forced to export out of Vancouver, Canada, which drives costs way up).

        And yes, I know the Democrats in the Senate, (the same guys who wouldn't pass Obama's cap and trade plan and the same guys who rejected an Obama budget 97-0), recently supported the nat gas act as an amendment, but all the evidence points to the radical Obama White House being solidly in bed with the green movement and working against fossil fuels. Once the election is over and if Obama wins, these far left ideologues in the executive branch will pursue their anti fossil agenda with a vengeance through more expansion of executive branch power, executive orders and Federal regulatory overreach.

    • I believe that Romney/Ryan is against picking winners and losers. Unlike President Obama, who is very happy to pick solar and wind companies with no business strategy. I expect Romney/Ryan to allow domestic oil/natural gas/coal/nuclear/solar/wind to all compete equally. That would be a breath of fresh air. And, I believe that natural gas will be a major player in transportation fuels! Romney/Ryan will not prevent that from occurring!

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