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  • biztechnologies biztechnologies Nov 14, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

    Simple Math for WPRT

    To me it seems very simple. The more stations that open the more engines that WPRT will sell.

    These stations are being open to sell cng and lng to trucks - and WPRT makes the majority of the engines for these trucks,

    Seems to me like a tremendous amount of new cng and lng stations being built over next few years world wide. Companies like Shell, GE, Chesapeake, ENN are involved in a meaningful way...

    Therefore downgrades are very puzzling to me???

    Do investors think the stations will be built but no trucks will service them???

    Last year public LNG stations almost non-existent. Now new ones are popping up all the time (worldwide) and WPRT has the engines that will be filled up there.

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    • The president of the company was not that positive
      His main point was it a long time thing and as for guidance he gave 30% om average
      With the money they are spending on new market that not profit soon
      Also said his new like new engines will be discounted compared to cost
      Soon as samll volume they will be profitable on them
      So they do not lead to profit in them to june my guess
      So we have some bad numbers for a while

    • Let's pretend for a moment than NG as a long haul transport fuel is able to gain traction (that's a big if but just for the sake of argument). Here (off the top of my head is a list of recip OEM's that already have NG engines on the market: GE, Wartsila, Rolls-Royce, Cummins, MTU, Caterpilliar, Daihatsu. Granted I work in this industry so I may know a tad more about the recip OEMs than say a financial analyst but anyone with the ability to Google can figure out the same. My point being that IF NG does become accepted as a tranpsort fuel there will most likely be some pretty good competition to supply recip engines to the industry.


    • As long as "oil" is king, it will control the media. Our president needs to push this hard to overcome the "king". And also this is a much cleaner fuel, our engines will last longer, so the auto-makers will have to be pushed to climb on also. Government Motors, or GM should be all over this thing.

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      • As of right now ,wprt new engines have more trouble
        Thats why they release small amount and find out problems
        So far they have not said to my knowledge that their is a major difference in engines that have been out a long time
        Thats why wprt will not make a lot of new engines till problems are fixed
        NG engines do have problems and some components must be made better and some new components are just bad
        Thats why there will not be a lot of new engine till second half next year

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