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  • munirqasim42 munirqasim42 Jan 16, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    Demand for natural gas vehicles

    I am very puzzled, a second rate country Pakistan has every car, bus, truck and motor cycle fitted for natural gas as well as for gasoline and every gas station there has natural gas and gasoline pumps.
    I saw every body was pumping natural gas and a very few gasoline. I rode in those cars and buses
    and did not see any difference. I saw car needing gas again after 200 miles and bus did not need gas for 175 miles. People, some thing is wrong here, a very wrong. A second rate country is far advanced of this so called the most advanced country in the world. There are millions of cars, buses, trucks and motor cycles on the road there. I do not know what is the problem here. If that country can do it what is the problem here. Do not blame oil companies, blame the government of the country with large reserves of natural gas.

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    • It is government resistance induced by large interests' resistance to nat gas as a surface fuel. In this corner, we have big oil and chemical mfgs. Exxon in particular wants to own the nat gas production in the US so that it can be sure to keep its use as a domestic surface fuel from growing; Exxon plans to ship what is not used for home htg and mfg to the far east as LNG, hoping to keep the price of domestic ng up (and hoping to keep production limited). In the other corner you have Big Environmentalists who are against all fossil fuels. Though they realize nat gas would improve air and environment, they also realize that as a clean, plentiful, and very cheap source, it would nix any hope of electric vehicles dominating the markets in their lifetimes. So they fight it too, attempting to promote fracking fears in the population. While there are quite a few Congressmen for nat gas, the money and special interests still dominate the government scene. Obama leads from behind.

    • how about truth than bias feelings
      Ng is coming
      It takes time to get reliable cheap good systems and stations
      In many parts of the world they have more ng and oil than they need
      You get little for your ng because of cost to export
      So you use ng in transportation
      Their leaders decided to have ng
      Does that mean we should?
      Us is the leader of the world because of capitalism
      Letting the market decide
      Its not the Us could not its markets are always better
      Look no farther than wind and solar

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