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  • hisstik hisstik Apr 4, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Why aren't China sales helping?

    It's the same with AAPL and Google..The promise of a larger Mkt than the USA, but the products must be sold at cut-rate prices with strict controls and gov't competition..
    Maybe Robert could explain it better, but it makes no sense to go into those mkts and not even have intellectual property protection.

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    • " but the products must be sold at cut-rate prices with strict controls and gov't competition"
      Weichai will probably sell the full capacity of 40,000 engines. But WPRT won't even net enough off that to pay Dave Demers compensation package.

    • There are many companies besides weichai in the ng business
      The busness in China is much larger and they have the export market and China is about to make old trucks stop their pollution and a lot of trucks will just covert to ng or new
      So its a large market and the Chinese like to pay little
      So Weichai has the large truck market with a high % share
      They want to get in the buss business and export
      So its going to be a large market
      Weichai choose to go after market share and profits low
      Westport said fine
      So do you go after market share and have a lot of volume or let others get bigger than you
      They will being doing after market with Enn
      You simply can not be big with out China and Asia ,period
      Volume means volume for wprt
      That means world wide they have volume
      With out that you are not the leader
      there are cost to bring on this new business
      So % profits will always be lower than Us but profits should improve
      The 40,00 vehicle plant is built and operating at full capacity
      There will be cost to start the business with Enn
      From what I see they will probably just supply the parts to Enn in China and it will be for coversions
      In the US and Canada maybe wprt will do more with the partnership
      Enn offers every thing as is common in China
      They will have the stations ,do conversions ,finance,help in buying trucks
      Wprt was very lucky to get Enn

    • One thing is for certain..China is still growing at an unbelievable rate. They need energy that will not pollute their environment any further. Nat gas, LNG, Nuclear and Solar are their best bets for cleaner energy growth.

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