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  • biztechnologies biztechnologies May 25, 2013 12:07 PM Flag

    Robert - what did you think aboutthis deal

    I thought this could be a very meaningful development.
    What are your thoughts?

    LNG truck-rental program aimed at four Western states
    PacLease, its local franchise Kenworth Sales Co. and Blu LNG developed the special program

    Rental program will offer LNG-fueled KWs in four different configurations

    Fleets operating in four Western states that are considering running liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks without the restrictions of a lease or purchase can now rent trucks to try them out.

    PacLease, its local franchise Kenworth Sales Co. and Blu LNG are bringing the program to market for fleets operating along the I-84 and I-15 corridors from Las Vegas, NV, through Utah, Idaho and eastern Oregon.

    Blu LNG will supply the fuel for the Kenworth vehicles, which will be made available through PacLease and Kenworth Sales Co.

    The rental program will offer trucks in four different configurations to meet the needs of most fleets while matching the LNG fueling infrastructure that Blu is currently installing. The trucks are scheduled to roll off the assembly line shortly and will be available in local delivery, regional haul, long-haul and heavy-haul configurations.

    The trucks will be available at select Kenworth Sales Co.-PacLease locations throughout the four western states near to where Blu has recently completed construction of LNG fueling stations. The three Idaho locations are in Boise, Idaho Falls and Jerome. In Utah, there are three in Salt Lake City, and one in Salina and one in Washington. There are also locations in Las Vegas, Nev., and Pendleton, Ore.

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    • Robert-what did you think......

      That is a group of words I never expected to find in the same sentence...

    • enn energy (blue) likes to develop a relation ship with companies,the bigger the better
      They are just starting
      they may be helping in leasing as they have big money
      So its the early stages for them
      I would not consider my self to have enough knowledge to say how big their investment will be
      They do or can raise what ever sum the want
      thats what separates them
      Ge has the money but so far only likes making product
      shell can
      so to me its up to these two as clne just does not have the capital or the ability to raise
      so its as enn said
      they are going to build stations and plants
      If it gets big and profitable they could do billions
      The deal or some deal was known as they said they where going to do some investing
      its simple
      China wants its companies to invest out side their country
      Both shell and Ge could out bid enn on most if they wanted since their cost of capital is less
      But Enn is more willing
      Enn partner with wprt because wprt had contacts with kenworth ,etc
      for wprt it brings investment to ng vehicles
      Enn has billions to bring to the table and is not afraid to invest billions
      We can not complain about Enn investments
      Its a private company that raising capital in the private market
      Management takes low wages and owns a lot of stock
      The president is connected throw gas association etc.
      They will be well run and not have clne back office expenses
      So to me they will invest in things that take capital and profitable
      They soon will be building lng plants as this fits that
      They will look to own stations as that is more profitable
      They may manage but not for little like clne
      The biggest thing they have is speed
      decide and do

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