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  • qmunir737 qmunir737 Feb 9, 2014 12:31 PM Flag

    Mr. Drewmorris70: Never buy Canadian stocks, most of them will make you lose a big time.

    There used to be two high flying cash divided paying Canadian oil stocks listed om American Exchange, one was Husky oil and other I fotgot the name, both went under, I lost 100%, I had David mineral and another Silver mining stock which paid me stock dividend ever three months , both went bankrupt and I lost 100%. I made up my mind that I will never buy again Canadian stocks as the company executives are the biggest liars. I knew WPRT when it was $14, did not buy it and went to mid $50 and those who kept it lost their shirt. Same thing happened to BBRY, ask those investors how they feel. I ask all americans, if they buy Canadian stocks dump them as soon as they make a few dollars. Never keep them. I am keeping a close look at WPRT. If history is a guide it is moveing in the same direction. I will never buy any Canadian stock again. Period.

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    • Husky hasn't gone bankrupt.

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      • There is no more Husky Oil, it is Huskey Energy, I was given little bit money when it went under and its brother I forgot its name gave me minor dividend and nothing else. The biggest loss was Nortel, 5000 shares bought it at $12.50 and sold it under one dollar. The history is cluttered with Canadian stocks going under and leaving nothing to the long term shareholder. My advice is that if you buy canadian stock sell it as soon as you make a few dollars. Never keep them. I will never buy Canadian stocks, period. Can some body tell me what was rhe name of other oil canadian stock that went under. Thank you.

    • Let us see how your canadian pride does - WPRT. The ALU's canadian sister went under too and I suffered a big loss. I will never buy a Canadian stock ,period. If you are Canadian, keep buying canadian stocks because you have first hand knowledge. Thank you, but you are a an arrogant man.

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      • That's just plain stupid to say most Canadian stocks lose money. Could you really say that Black Berry was a 'bad' investment had you bought it at $3.00 and sold it at $140? Sure, the technology took a massive hit but then so did Xerox. Is Xerox a 'bad' American company because competition finally arose? Grow up dude and don't go bashing stocks just because you don't know how to trade and manage your money. Maybe you should look into using what's called a 'stop loss' in the future if you can't bring yourself to SELL when a stock falls below what you paid for it. DUHHHHHH!!!!

    • Well you sound very ignorant. I can come up with way more US stocks that go belly up. It appears that you will buy any stock without due diligence first. Look up CNR 15 year chart 1 year chart etc. as it does not matter as this is a fantastic stock that I have owned for 5 years; yup a Canadian Stock. How about TRP, another stock that is very solid and also Canadian.

      You are citing horrible companies with the exception of BBRY that was a great company that was mismanaged but the fall from grace was obvious way before it fell in price.

      Wait more, RY another great company that is Canadian.

      Let's look at Education rankings for the countries. (Reading, Math and Science)
      Canada 3rd
      USA 14th

      (The US has some amazing people and businesses. The US also has incredible post secondary education institutions. The US also has a massive and growing intelligence and income gap. Canada also has some very good businesses and people. Canada does have far less of an intelligence and income gap but is heading down the same path as the US. However the education system in Canada blows away the US. Why is this important; simple, any country as a whole will go the way of the masses. This does not mean that there will not be great minds and businesses it just means that on average a country will go the way of the general masses.)

      If you actually think your comment is informed you likely should higher an investment advisor as you clearly have no ability to analyze anything objectively.

      On one last note I am Canadian and live in Canada. I do not dismiss the US because idiots like you make stupid remarks and will not dismiss those that are ignorant enough to attack my ideas because I am Canadian. For the many intelligent US investors they are likely long WPRT. For intelligent US traders they may be short they may be long but I do know that in the long run WPRT will be a winner. If you do not think so please short as you will make me wealthier than I already am.

    • Since you are never going to buy a Canadian stock again, why don't you take your negative attitude elsewhere & not on the WPRT message board. Have a wonderful evening. Happy investing.

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