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  • drewmorris70 drewmorris70 Mar 3, 2014 6:16 PM Flag


    So many here bash management; based upon what?????
    Share Price? (Management has nothing to do with share price)
    As for facts
    1. management is signing long term deals (10 year 20 year 3 years deals) with the largest OEM's and companies in the world. (So you say they are getting screwed by these companies. These companies have a vested interest in WPRTs success as they also profit. If it was one OEM then the story is different but it is not is multiple competing OEMS across multiple market segments.)
    2. Management has publically stated that they are in the transformation from an incubator to a profitable company. This takes a great deal of time. (Note they have 3 years cash and short term investments to get there in a growing market.)
    3. Management stated that they are not trying to be a niche player and make a few million each quarter they are trying to be integrated for the shift to Nat Gas as a transportation as a fuel and they are going to get a little piece of a large percentage. In other words the model is such that if NG becomes a viable transportation fuel (looks very likely) then WPRT will get a piece of this throughout the world.

    Now let the BASHERS hack on management by saying they are giggling and screwing investors or that they are a fly by night company. Yes Delphi signs deals with scam companies as does Cummins etc. Anyone falling for this BS is well lacking in common sense.

    Short more please.

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    • Totally wrong.

      Management is getting bashed for not managing cash flow. They are getting bashed for saying they have the funding they need then floating new shares below current price. The more they expand, the more new projects they take on, revenue grows but loses grow even more. The bigger WPRT gets the more money it loses.

      Now we are told there will be profits (before, interest, tax, depreciation, amortization). So they will make a profit in 2014 as long as they don't have to pay any bills. The market is not falling for any of this.

      This management is not getting the job done.

      WPRT has some good products but has no ideas how to make a profit on any of them.

      Share price is not all that important in that it follows revenue and profit growth. WPRT has no profit and it has a falling share price because of it. You are correct in that management has nothing to do with share price. The market determines share price. Management has everything to do with profit and WPRT has none.

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      • Management publically stated well before they floated more shares that if the shareholders and market wants WPRT to expand to other market segments it would float new shares. It did this in the exact same statement that you are referring to; you just are choosing to not quote the entire statement. They stated they had the funds to manage the current activities but to expand the other market opportunities they would not be against raising more capital. You are wrong.

        You are stating half truths. Revenue has gone up and some business units are profitable however the new R&D for the new markets is a drain as they are not commercially available yet. Please look at the time lines for these R&D expenses to reach commercialization. To think that increasing revenues and expansion commercially into new fields with world class partners happens in 1 quarter you are as foolish as your analysis. Yes this will take time and as long as revenues continue to increase and the years losses decrease in 2014 any holder should be happy. How long do you think the buying cycle is for a rail company, a mining company? 1 Month 1 Quarter???? The reality is NG is proven to work so WPRT made the correct call in going after rail, marine, mining, farming etc. Your statement on making more and losing more is false as you are including R&D in multiple business units. CWI has been profitable for years.
        WPRT are not playing to be a little niche player they are working to be a dominant business in the NG transportation segment and so far everything is moving forward with new partnerships that are very positive.

        So will WPRT make a profit in 2014 NO, 2015 Maybe, 2016 YES. Your statement is false as WPRT did not state EBITDA positive for 2014 they stated EBITDA positive for existing business units. They also stated EBITDA in 2015 so profits are likely 2016 and if adoption is faster in 2015.

    • It's not clear to me why you are defending the management. There have been a number of strategic blunders. There seems to be a lack of transparency. The warranty issue I would say reinforces this notion. They are trying to get costs under control, but pretty late in the game. As i have stated here I am not the short the stock, I think LNG vehicles may have a future. Although as I have posted here I think oil prices may be in line for a decline long term with improving technologies, so this is not a done deal. I actually want to buy, but it looks like a real turn around is way down the road. I am also concerned about other companies eating their lunch given their track record. It's also not clear to me exactly how profitable all these alliances are worth. I do think the company needs some new blood to avoid further bleeding.

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      • Exactly. Same concerns I have too; but you articulated them much better than I. Alas, once again the longs are blinded by their denial that they have been wrong on this company. But not the concept; I will certainly admit that. But WPRT will not earn anywhere enough to reward shareholders. Management yes. Shareholders nope.

    • Management has nothing to do with share price. Huh? But you are correct there has not been insider trading, I was wrong there. No buying either lately.

    • Great read. Thanks Drew.

    • how about releasing defective products. How about losing tons of money for years. How about going from building engines to making engine parts. How about selling stock every chance they get/ How about not being honest on CC.? How about hyping stock only to sell into the hype. You are out of touch if you defend this management. stop posting or else.

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      • Their products are not defective recalls happen all the time for complex products.
        They are still an R&D company making a shift to a profitable company. All R&D companies lose money building product lines and markets.
        No insider sold at $40, 30, $20 (public knowledge) so this is BS. As for secondary offerings they did state that they would raise money on more than one occasion.
        No lies have been told on CC - If you see one please quote the transcript (That is if you actually listen to the calls or read the public transcript)
        How short are you? Did you loose a bundle of cash and need money fast? Wife leave you? Threaten people on a web site????? OK big boy come and get me I live on the Planet Earth. If you do find me (impossible) I am very well trained.

    • Are you happy with their performance to date? Are you happy with their transparency? Do you think that they handled the secondary well? Do you think that they handled this recall well?

      I am sincere with these questions, because I share investors' frustrations.... The call would have been the perfect forum to address the recall and answer many of the questions regarding impact we see on this board.

      And let me add one more question, Will this recall impact the time table to break even?

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      • Yes I am happy with Managements performance they have been able to sign deals across the globe and are positioned to profit in a massively expanding market.

        They have been very transparent. They even forecasted the secondary offerings. (One of which occurred on Mad Money) so yes very transparent and public

        The recall is actually to be handled by the manufacturer ie the OEM it is not the responsibility of WPRT to announce it and if you listen to the conference calls they did address warranties.

        FYI you are not concerned you are publically short and this is your tactic to try to instill doubt. FYI they did address warranties as for the recall it was out on Feb 21st if you had done any research you would have known this.

        As for the time table No. As you stated they knew about it and stated that the path. So it is in the numbers.

        Stop your BS you have been short and made money now you are getting greedy.

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