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  • gbwy3 gbwy3 Apr 11, 2014 2:11 PM Flag

    Longs - I need a pep talk

    I'm down almost 50% but keep buying a few shares every $1 it goes down.
    Young enough to ride out the storm but getting a little sea sick at the moment
    Any thoughts on when/if the skies will clear up a little?

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    • he said they have 5 converted so far and plan to convert more wants they reach a certain millage

    • to give some good news
      I live in washington dc area
      The UPS driver said they are converting their trucks over a certain millage to ng
      They are filling up at their location
      Why would they wait till a certain millage?

    • GB let me try to cheer you up a little bit. I am long with all I have on this one and I still consider it a good investment. The revenues are rising, we don't have debt, the new 12l engine is great the HDPI 2 is an amazing technology. It is in human nature to oppose everything which displace something that one is used to. The diesel took 20 years to replace the gasoline engines in trucking. But here in Europe this is one of the very few things that we are ahead in. I am more comfortable because I've already seen it happening. R&D is huge cost but it will pay off. Slow is healthier. I consider WPRT a value company even for its conservative pace. All my investments took at least 4 years to turn to profit, so I am used with the pessimism when the market shows its wild emotions. But you have to ask one major question- what on earth will make us go to bankruptcy right now. We have enough cash, no debt to service, we still receive cash every Q more and more from sales. Well Net is not looking good. but try to remove R&D and it will. Still money spend on R&D is the best investment one can make if it is a viable technology, and i know it is - i have a deep experience with natgas engines. It is not a question of If- but When, we may have to wait, once the market thought that it deserves 50 since then nothing changed so much , in time it will get back there.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • GB... I am neither long nor short. However I hate to see investors be taken to the cleaners. If I were in your shoes and had absolute faith the stock will one day recoup loses, I might not sell but I would not continue buying a single share. Management at best is distrusted by wall street, their incompetence is second to none.. add to this scenario the fact they are bleeding dollars like a badly wounded soldier and you have a stock that is destined to the cesspit.

    • I think you're going to see more losses for the next month or two. The market is selling off. We are in a secular bull market and overall the market should be going up over the next 2 years. I'm hedging this bet with some shorted shares but still staying slightly long. We could exhaust to 10 even. The company isn't worthless but will take its lumps in the short to medium term. I've lost money and I was in at 17.5. I'm sure others have lost a lot more. I agree that there is some mistrust with management at the moment. I think the overall story is in tact for natural gas long haul trucking but the timing is a risk and this is a long term play so long as they can stay ahead of the industry. In my opinion they do have their hands in a lot of different projects whereas some companies such as PSIX is more focused and is growing their business with free cash flow. They have been rewarded for this approach from a stock price perspective. People are skeptical of WPRT because though they have many potentially profitable projects, none are short term and cash flow is a concern if they cant control their costs. Some signs point to them being able to stay disciplined with their spending but there are risks to the downside. This is a long-term play. I like the story though. Just look at the mid-American trucking conference. Almost all major trucking companies were touting their natural gas offerings. Almost all have WPRT as a partner because right now they have the dominant solution. We just need to see companies continue to purchase the engines. Positive signs for the Cummins 12L engine and I think Volvo's 13L engine will see even more sales.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You must be an ID.iot. Are you looking for your cheerleaders or advices from this board? No wonder you are losing money. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will get the same result in future. When you made the mistakes, you have to face it and cut the loss and move on. Dont be su.ckers like jc410 and nyc314.

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