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  • gbwy3 gbwy3 May 20, 2014 4:45 PM Flag

    Questions/ Ideas on "How to get Nat Gas for transportation adopted faster"

    Who needs to be in power:

    United States:
    Nat Gas for transportation is slowly making progress in the US but wanting to know which political party needs to be in power ( both House and Senate ) to get the government moving forward with tax credits for purchasing Nat Gas vehicles for the general public, providing tax credits to companies converting their fleets to Nat Gas, forcing government vehicles and government contractors vehicles to convert to Nat Gas and providing incentives for the building of Nat Gas fueling stations

    Individual States in the US
    Any states being held back from moving forward with Nat Gas for transportation because of certain a party or governor in power?

    Other countries around the world:
    Are there other countries where a change in power would get Nat Gas for transportation moving forward ?

    1. Does Nat Gas for transportation need someone like Buffet to give it a blessing?
    2. Would it help if large companies like Exxon, Wal-Mart or McDonalds made bottom line decisions to back Nat Gas for transportation?
    3. What public figure ( like Oprah ) or national organization (like AARP) would be beneficial in promoting Nat Gas for transportation?
    4. What if Game Shows ( wheel of fortune, price is right etc) gave away Nat Gas Vehicles as prizes to promote the product on National TV ?
    5. What if new homes were required to have Nat Gas refueling capabilities?
    6. What if Nat Gas vehicle makers ( Like Ford, Honda etc) ran commercials promoting their Nat Gas line of vehicles?

    Add your thoughts and comments but be civil. I don't expect everyone to agree on any of this but try to be decent about it.

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    • Exxon has no interest in using natural gas for transportation. It would only cannibalize its profits on the refinement of crude oil. It did hedge its bets by purchasing XTO but wants to export this gas. Shell might have planned to "beat Exxon to the pump" so to speak with gas but backed off some from its aggressive plan. The government is deadlocked between conservatives who bash what is not gasoline/diesel and liberals who bash all fossil fuels.

      A single doable event that would accelerate the transition would be to transition the USPS to natural gas trucks for both local and long-distance delivery. They have an office in every community. Then open their pumps to the public. Perhaps Shell or someone else would partner with them to build the refueling stations. Government would provide tax breaks.

    • Government support has ALWAYS been important for nearly every technological breakthrough in history (going back thousands of years).

      In USA computers, programming languages, agriculture automation, satellite imaging, wireless technology, biotechnology R&D, genetic engineering, mapping the human genome, etc. etc are examples of MAJOR industries that followed government basic research spending and involvement.

      One example of government involvement in developing natural gas resources:

      Government support included investments in R&D, pilot demonstration, and key mapping techniques that developed horizontal drilling in shale, microseismic imaging, and modern hydraulic fracturing techniques.

      The history behind the shale gas boom remained relatively unknown until late 2011, when researchers at the Breakthrough Institute conducted an extensive investigation revealing the role that federal agencies like the Department of Energy and the National Laboratories played in supporting gas industry experimentation with shale fracking.

    • 1. Repeal the law that penalizes folks from changing engines to natural gas power. Huge.
      2. Utilize the free trade agreement with Peru to convert all USA gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks to enable them to run on either gasoline OR natural gas. (they do it in Peru and multiple other countries where the conversion cost is about $1200 including all parts & labor.
      3. Pass legislation that enables passenger cars & trucks to refuel in truck stops with natural gas. As soon as you do this ALL gasoline distribution stations will do likewise.
      4. Pass standards to ensure filling equipment is universally compatible.

    • It's been about 6 weeks since I posted this topic so I thought I'd throw it back out there.

    • There should be gov . involvement......Fed. ,state and local gov. 's should purchase all the nat gas cars when they need replacements. It will be a win win for taxpayers and everyone else to get this industry moving. The country will prosper. Our non leader president has the power to challenge all levels of gov. to do this but won't. A greenie all the way to the death.

    • Things are moving good now. Big Co. are looking to cut cost to make this next year. They have been cutting labor lights and anything else they could. Now that we have CLNE and others to supply the fuel more are ready to make the switch. Thanks to CLNE and WPRT. This last Q proves this. With out gov. but CLNE has had to but up the money to build it out before the profits..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The best role for government in all this is to stay the hell out of the way and let the market make the move when it's cost effective.

      The last thing we need is for the Feds to turn this effort into another gravy train which will lead to 1 more company on life support like GM.

      In addition, there is no reason to worry about which party we need. The republican party is already dead. The Democrats control the show and have for a long time and the Federal reserve will loan them money for anything they want.

      Make all you investment decisions with the notion that the democratic party will be in charge along the way, like it or not. The republicans having the house is like a bunch 10 year old kids trying to play football in the NFL, they are getting kicked all over the place,,,,,,,,, like it or not!

    • What does every country need?
      What is the only thing that a government should help in?
      Any country that does not have this will have a hard time
      How could the Government help/
      fast tract
      For ng
      Pipe to stations and take California foe Ex
      Canada wants o bring more gas into the state
      For understanding purpose only
      User are paying over $2 a gallon
      What the pipe company charge
      So bring more gas into the state

    • I personally think we are better off without washington involvement
      the private sector knows how to make money and clearly they wouldnt be doing
      all they are doing if they didnt see a profit from this. just like diesel came to pass
      so will ng for transportation

    • wildbeenyheeth May 21, 2014 9:09 AM Flag

      gbwy, The real answer to your question lies in the answer to this question...


      If you and the other pumpers went out and bought...and actually drove..., NGV's you MIGHT see a difference. IMO

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      • Your question is built on like 5 layers of stupid masquerading as common sense. I don't own a vehicle at all (I live in NYC and use a zip car on the occasions when I do need to drive out of the city).

        Do you own an 18-wheeler? Do you own a train engine? Do you own a cargo ship? Do you know anyone who does? Because those are the primary markets for this company.

        Your question would only make sense if people used Ford, Toyota, and Cummins in the same breath, and they don't. So stop asking this stupid question. Or keep asking it if you want to look like an idiot.

      • If I was driving a brontosaurus that gets 3 miles to a gallon I know where I would see a difference

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