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  • notforutosee notforutosee Jun 23, 2014 8:03 AM Flag


    Anonymous Employee (Current Employee)
    Plymouth, MI
    Pros – People are diverse and very knowledgeable. Travel budget is unlimited with no restrictions on alcohol while entertaining.
    Cons – Every 6 months they're re-organizing and changing their business model. People never get to excel and meet objectives. Constant changes and lay-offs becomes very daunting leaving people to wonder if they're next to be cut. Very high turn-over for this type of company.
    Advice to Senior Management – Stick with one business model. Constant change in direction wastes a lot of investor money.
    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company
    “Revolving door, terrible management, no focus. STAY AWAY!!!”

    Design Engineer (Current Employee)
    Vancouver, BC (Canada)
    Pros – - Good coworkers
    - OK benefits
    - OK work/life balance
    Cons – - Arrogant engineering managers with no university degrees, no ability to lead and no clue about the products, market or projects
    - Promotions are given based on favouritism and who you kiss up to, NOT performance
    - Terrible HR department
    - No sense of responsibility and accountability ANYWHERE in the company. Quick to blame everyone else
    Advice to Senior Management – - Stick to one business plan
    - Put qualified people in leadership position
    - Listen to your employees, acknowledge them and recognize their strengths
    - There's no problem that firing the top 10 people wouldn't solve

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You do know they fired his worthless rear..don't you. I knew your brother could never hold down a good job. That's the trouble with whiners and can never please them. Should have loaded up in the twelves like I could your unemployed brother out. FRAUD..JMHO GLTA

    • you keep babbling away.... and the stock keeps going up

      how does that make you feel ?

    • Sorry. You can't know the stock down with your negative posts. You'll just have to cover you short. At a loss, of course.

    • So there are a couple of employees at WPRT who are critical of the company? I'm shocked!

      Look, I work at a company that places at or near the top of the various "best employer" lists every year. There's free food, too many perks to list, tremendously supportive management, they recently sent about 500 of us worker bees on a paid vacation to a tropical paradise, generous salaries, crazy bonus, and they keep hauling me into a room to shovel more restricted stocks at me.

      Of course, if you go onto glassdoor, you'll see negative reviews by employees accusing my company of all kinds of incompetence and unfairness. No company ever looks good to everyone from the inside.

      But you see, notfor? If you actually put a little effort into this, you can get a real response. If you just keep making #$# up and plagiarizing, end endlessly chirping that WPRT is the best shorting opportunity on the market without providing any justification for your position, then I'll call you an idiot some more.

      I'm sure that will happen soon enough.

    • these could be the very essence of truth or 2 very angry employees, this is not exxon mobil no but are they getting the job done?

      if you go on glass door it does list overall review and its more positive than these two highly negative reviews

      so conclusion: this seems biases, why? because it is

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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