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  • bourne4u13 bourne4u13 Oct 11, 2011 4:34 PM Flag


    So assuming they likely had a bad secondary offering?

    I am not sure if should abandon the stock with a recession looming. So far underwater might be worth the risk to hold on now.

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    • Why are you assuming the offering went poorly? I've been sitting on the bid picking up shares below the offering prince instead of participating. But I expect the offering to go well and for insiders to increase their % ownership. Maybe that is wishful thinking...

    • You bet i am...
      i would like to sell, but i really can,t. even after dollar cost averaging i am in at around $6.50. this stock is so thinly traded i would drive the price down at least a dollar or more. On the other hand i wish i had some capital to invest, there are lots and lots of screaming buys out there, and i am stuck in this one...oh well what to do?
      what a great stock offering@#$?? I didnt buy one share! i am not a cfo or ceo but i know one thing that offering was a big zero!! I live in town so i just called the bank and asked them why the offering price was higher than the price on the open mkt and i was told that was what the stk was worth? Hey they could of given us stk options at say 3 bucks good for say 6 months and we couldn,t sell for 6 months or they could of given us a right to buy at a certain % of the current mkt price. yep they messed this up bad. i think i am goin to call the bank and ask them how much this "offering" cost us. Oh well they had better turn a profit and get into the green soon. Maybe this past qtr will give more insight.
      glad to see someone still on the message board, what do you think of the last couple trading days volume...perfect round lots???is this someone intentionally driving the price down, no one that held this stock for a long time has a nice round amount, they would have odd amounts from all they stk divs. well i would love to here comments on my comments, and your comments. Oh and i also bought whr at 105.

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