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  • phyk18940 phyk18940 Apr 28, 2008 9:45 AM Flag

    Just A Thought

    thanks for that! sooooooo true

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    • You have covered many topics in a few sentences. Just to bring you down to reality, however, nuclear power is not yet safe, and cannot be until we figure out how to handle the waste product. Obviously, there are other sources of power which all have their down sides, but none is as bad as nuclear power. We, nevertheless, may be forced to build plants in the near future because we dropped the ball back in the 1970s in developing alternate sources of power, and allowed our country to populate in a stupid distribution of population.

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      • 38 years ago is a long time. I guess if 68 years ago we got ready for WW2 sooner, we could have saved millions of lives. But those ships have sailed. Now you have a choice - burn coal, ng and oil and pay Iran and Venz to hate us, fill the air with carbon (heat the world up) and use up the food supply - or take a chance on putting spent fuel under a mountain for 10,000 years. Long term I love solar, wind and tidal (Bio is BS), but over the next 40 years - there is only one answer. GOODBYE on this topic - it is time for earnings and time to make money. I just would like to see money spent on infastructure not crazies.

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