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  • tcby_was_rough tcby_was_rough Nov 24, 2008 6:07 PM Flag

    Recent Insider Buying

    Hard to keep track of all the buying:

    1) Tom Fish, President of Anvil and CFO during most of 2005, picked up 15k A shares on 11/20/2008 at $4 per share. These purchases represent about 10.5% of his current share total.

    2) Robert Barker, General Counsel, picked up 15k B shares on 11/21/2008 for prices in the $3.50's per share. Represents almost 1/2 of his total B and 12.6% of his total shares.

    3) Kevin McHugh, Controller, picked up 7k B shares on 11/21/2008, and his wife picked up 575 B shares the same day. Prices were $3.67 & $3.73. This is his first B purchase and represents 60% of his total.

    4) Bernard Rethore, a Director, bought 5k B shares on 11/21 for $3.57. This is about 16% of his total 30,666 shares.

    Now we just need some of the big guns to step to the plate. Where is Hyland, Leggett, and Smith? Hyland has been talking a good story about how their stock is undervalued but he is not putting his money where his mouth is.

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    • How could the Insiders have been so wrong? This has to go up over 100% to hit their buy price from a little over a week ago.

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      • They are thieves. They lose money they never had :)) That whole $870M goodwill is BS. The stock never really was priced on this "goodwill". Maybe they want TARP money? I'm sure there is some scam with this $400M "writedown".

        Btw, they are a clear take over target. The book is about $500M, the stock is trading in mid $300M. They can easily go out at $1B. It's a self financing aquisition. Maybe they even have an offer, and they need a down move to justify the low ball price.

    • New2water,

      I agree the war is a waste of money, we went in because of bad intelligence, everyone, including both Clintons, Gore, Kerry the French Germans everyone except Obama thought we had to go in and rid Iraq of some nonexisitant WMD's. I would be interested in seeing the evidence you have showing that Bush and Cheney lied about the intelligence they received on the nonexistant weapons in Iraq. BTW, I thought the libs gave up on the WMD talk now that the economic mess is a much bigger deal.

      Do you realize that the amount of money spent on the war is tiny when compaired to the financial mess we are in now, and this mess was started by Bill Clinton then pushed by both Dodd And Frank, they wanted the people that could not afford homes to be able to buy one anyway.

      Bush, McCain and others, both democrat and republican warned Frank and Dodd that we were headed for trouble and we needed to regulate Fannie and Freddy before this happened. We all know that little attention was paid to those that raised concerns about the situation we are in now. Matter of fact when Bush adminstration last brought up this matter the democrats were too busy calling him a liar to pay attention to the looming financial disaster.

      Have a good day new2water

    • Nope, you got it wrong. I said W and Dick lied about WMD, and led the US into a stupid war(iraq) that has cost trillions.

      Oldfart you ignore the obvious and pursue the brainwashed concepts the media has impregnated into your little head.

      Our futures are destroyed because the US economy is on the verge of total collapse. W and Dick could care less.

      Have a nice oldfart day.

    • Golly New2water, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

      You wrote, W and Dick and his rich Ivy league friends are moronic fools that have destroyed our futures. And I replied you are a liberal who happens to have his head up his ass.

      You say Bush ruined your future, that is your fault my friend, not the presidents. If you lost money in the market and that is why your future is ruined, then perhaps you should not of been in the market once you knew the housing market would cause a worldwide recession.

      Liberals need to take responsibilty for their own lives. BTW, I am a fiscal conservative, not an extreme conservative you called me.

      Have a good day...

    • Why is it all the extreme conservatives resort to cussing and name calling when they lose a debate? It want be long before the gestapo agents drag me off for disagreeing with the wall street and W supporters. If the conservatives can't engage in a debate without resorting to cussing then maybe they aren't conservatives.

    • New2water, I won't argue with you, you are a liberal who has his head up his ass, just no use wasting valuable time trying to talk sense to you.

    • What an overwhelming demonstration of confidence, a group of individuals who average $1M annually in compensation, spend $60k every couple of years on shares. Gives me the same sense of comfort I felt when I saw those Automotive CEOs show up in their hybrids.

    • Because this stock, as the US economy is doing will tank. The Ivy league boys, the stanford and duke boys, have destroyed the economy of the western world. Check out the G20 last week, Bush at the G20 on youtube, no one would shake W's hand, no one.

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