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  • ohshaw ohshaw Feb 26, 2003 1:00 PM Flag


    Lildede, lighten up. The guy asked a fair question... you attack the guy and you don't know the answer yourself beyond "it has something to do with market cap." What else? What is the specific criteria? If it was just a hard number based on market cap alone, the index changes would be known before they are announced and there would be no selloffs with the announcement.

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    • Thank you! I knew thier had to be more than market cap. involved. If that was the case they would be swapping companies everyday all day. Hell the nasdaq 100 held 8 companies that were on the verg of BK then got booted and the nasdaq 100 was only 92 companies at one time so if that was the answer don't you think those would have been replace long before it came to that