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  • nothinglost Dec 11, 2012 7:51 AM Flag

    coming out party for "barnstripper"

    "barnstripper" has come out of the closet. He can't seem to understand that his comments could be construed as being racists. "where caucasions dine and dance" "caucasions areas". lol

    When you are dealing with people like "barnstripper" you must realize that the norm does not apply. These are folks with such narrow minds, jealous of any minority who may pass them by in station and make them feel, "inferior" to a "lessor race" of people.

    All the while they scratch their balls, look for semi clean wife beater shirts to wear, look for butts in the ashtray, a warm beer that is not finished and clutch their guns on the steps of their trailer, looking for the enemy = "barnstripper"

    Forever going forward "barnstripper" you will be viewed as a louse, low down, dirt bag. Your posts on this board will be looked at through this glass.

    Enjoy your class, no need to pretend to be anything else. And ... because I know you and your girlfriend wear Durango's ... I, nor most anyone I know, would not be caught dead in them.

    You are not a demographic that I would want to be confused with. Certainly your thinking is not "in fashion".

    Die in a fire #$%$.

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