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  • bradley381 Dec 31, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    Time to load up

    I expect Rocky to break through its 52 week high very soon,great products,medical shoes coming and hunting should pick up with all the snow.I predict $20 by this time next year,do your own due diligence of course.

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    • Just checked bradley381s past posts and he has none. This was his first & only post on yahoo.

    • Kind of mindless pumping.

      But, I am optimistic particularly with the $13 support level starting the 31st.

      I remain very long on RCKY and it is my largest single position.

      Indeed, its my largest unrealized gain by far.

      Most of my shares are held in my regular account and just a little in the IRA.

      The low to mid $20s by March of next year is very possible although I would probably look to slowly peel off shares starting in the upper teens.

      And, of course, theres always the possibility that the founding family may be willing to accept an offer from a 3rd party. Either solicited or unsolicited.

      Indeed, the recent insider buying may even suggest there have been indications of interest.

      I almost never buy a stock solely for a takeover but over the years, a lot of my stocks have been taken over.

      So a takeoever wouldnt really surprise me. I often am happy when a takeover occurs but sad because I lose the historical trading opportunities that stocks like RCKY have afforded me. (Buy low, sell higher)

      The bottom line is, one could form an entire investment philosophy, a very valid one, on simply doing the opposite of wetnash !

      And Ive observed others with similarly very good contra-indicator records.

      I tend to ignore them however so I can focus on other things rather than the rantings of obvious lunatics.

      The bottom line for me is the upside far outweighs the downside.

      I see $10+ in possible reasonable upside while only $2-3 in downside.

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      • Great analysis that tells us NOTHING. This oinker has not made a 1yr high even when all stocks were surging. There is NOTHING to indicate it is cheap and it has market share only in the hunting segment on which its recent sales were very weak. Management is unable to make a good case for this stock at any investor presentation. You have had blue sky predictions for years and now seem a bit more realistic. In the time you have held this for little $$ profit, you have lost much more even in basic index.

        Great call, Buffett!

    • Great analysis, which the Rocky cheerleaders will love. What do you attribute this too? Christmas retail sales were very weak. Even at peak of 2012 stock market Rocky couldnt make a 52 week high. Management presentations have been extremely weak.

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