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  • tep2020 tep2020 Jul 18, 2007 8:55 PM Flag

    The Beer

    This may sound a little far fetched but, Does anyone here think that down the road as GCFB becomes national.
    Could and Would they possible bottle and sell their own brews?

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    • Two of the mug club Bennie's will do it for $6.50.
      I make a cheap date. :)

    • No, they won't (Or At Least Shouldn't) give you a free meal or a free beer for being a stockholder. If you sit at the bar they might give you one on the house for being a good person. Happy hour mug= $2.75 You could get drunk for under ten bucks...... Woo Hoo.

    • Comon now quickjohn

      As has shareholder you should be more than happy to pay with a healthy tip too.

    • Do you think if we went to a GC and told them we were stockholders they'd give us a free meal? Or maybe a beer?

    • I lived in SF for a number of years and PMID is similar to GCFB, but the food isn't nearly as good. PMID has a main brewery in Berkley CA.

      I do own a long position in GCFB, but do not have any position in PMID.

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      • Pyramid's beer (especially their Hefeweissen) is a really good brew.

        I'm happy to see GCFB this summer did a hefeweissen, and their beers are generally damn good. I am a twin cities native, and recently moved back here after first being exposed to GCFB in Davenport, IA, where I was living. I really like their beer, and I'm a bit of a beer snob. The IPA is very hoppy and good if you like that, the stout is a classic tasting stout, and even the maibock is pretty good.

        Also, a 25-oz beer @ $3.25 (mug club members) is a fricking steal. I bought my mug club membership when I moved to Davenport (which doesn't have a ton of good bar/restaurants), and since have racked up a ton of discounts on the 10% off food and $3.25 mug club beers. Now that I'm back in MN I won't go as often, but it's a super cheap watering hole, and the St. Louis Park (converted Timber Lodge!) is convenient enough. I consider them a direct Champps competitor, but Champps doesn't have their own beer.

        I'm debating sinking some money in here, but restaurants are usually dogs. Still, BWLD, another MN chain, took off like a rocket. Champps used to be public as I recall, but went private. With a small market cap and a proven process, I think that they could really pan out, but the lack of profitability near-term worries me a bit.

    • Can't see it happening. Their focus is food. One benefit of doing it would be that it could be a cheap form of advertising.

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      • Brewing capacity would be a major issue to their bottling also, at least in the short term.

        Some quick math, in Honda's 16 Nov 2005 post he stated that the worthouse was at 30% capacity (10 stores being supplied), so roughly 34 stores could be supported at 100%.

        We're at 18 stores now, expect another 7-8 in '08 (26) and likely another 7 after that, to hit 34 restaurants.

        If GC were to bottle, they'd have to do it now, as they should be planning on having another worthouse online in less than 2 years, just using my fuzzy math.

        Bottling would be more feasible in another 2-3 years when the next worthouse is operational, and the chain has grow out off the midwest. By then extra worthouse capacity could be utilized for bottling without taxing the system.

    • Not to change the subject but I see Hops is a similar chain. Does GC have much competition? As to the beer I couldn't say.

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