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  • blockbuster1016 blockbuster1016 Apr 21, 2014 10:49 AM Flag

    Why all the selling?

    SPLI has posted a profit of over one million dollars in 2014 so far. If this is true then why sell at this low price.

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    • As of April 24ths trading SPLI has bottomed at $0.074 a share this current price near 14 cents today is now acting as a higher high since the high of 0.12 a share a week ago. This is great news for long traders this means that the stock is going to continue moving higher 10 cents a share is a critical price and if the stock closes below this price then the bulls in this stock will be in trouble. right now the stock is up about 51% for the session so far and the stock will eventually go to 16 or 18 cents next week and a month from now 20 cents possibly by the middle or later part of May. 20 cents is a more than 100% move higher since April 25ths close , unless another gigantic wolfweed style pump happens i doubt this thing wont go above 20 cents. that wolfofweedstreet person had so much buying power that he created enough investor confidence to send the stock to a 2 and a half year high. i really want the stock to go back to 40 cents in the long term. and i even think maybe a year or two from now that trading at 1 dollar a share is possible. this is a development stage company that is bringing in millions of dollars in revenue this means that the business model is successful this in turn means that the company will not fail for the foreseeable future as long as the business model continues to generate this large sums of revenue

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      • @etschell - actually the stock peaked at $0.1780 on VPOR's IPO day which was April 29th which was the very next day after we had this conversation. This $1.50 a share price you suggest sounds more like a price we might see in the year 2020 or 2021 after VPOR becomes a billion dollar company. considering that the company now also has a scooter making segment called Smart Wheels inc, its entirely possible tha a large fraction of this billion dollar company will come from the companies segments of Smart wheels and VGR media rather than all of it from its Electronic cigarette biz. But back in April of 2014 i would have said that all of the billion dollars would have came from that, but now that there is all these other biz segments this billion dollar company and going to $1.50 a share in 2020 is starting to look more and more like a real possibility as each month passes.

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      • im betting itll be 1.50 a share by the end of november. watch.

    • SPLI will be over $1.00! Maybe not next or next month, but someday. Those with patience will reap the rewards.

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      • @svsooner - i agree with you, i see SPLI now VPOR as trading at $1.00 a share in the year 2020 or 2021. the current price now is asking 0.0004 for VPOR. i kinda see this stock as a 3 year trend kinda deal. it takes 3 years to go from highest price to next highest price.

        on the combined charts of both SPLI and VPOR these are the years of the great peaks 2007, 2011, then 2014. the next one is 2017, and after that im forecasting a even bigger one in 2020 that should take this stock back up to $1.00 a share which coincidentally was about the highest price the stock traded during the peak of 2011.

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    • MM's are shorting down the whole sector. Retail investors aren't that big a factor. You have to play along with the big boys' game, if you can figure out their strategy. Their logic is different from that of the retail investor.

    • I can think of two reasons: 1) A lot of traders in this stock, especially on the high volume days. So the PPS doesn't really matter to them at all. 2) Fear/sentiment on this sector changes on nearly a daily basis it seems.

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