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  • sidewinder587 sidewinder587 Apr 21, 2002 12:18 PM Flag

    why are people so negative

    I understand that this is a public forum and all but why are people so bitter? I also understand that everyone is entitle to their own opinion. However, why do I sense animosity between the pro HAND and the anti-HAND shareholder?

    If you want to sell your HAND a message explaining why you are doing so. Be civilize. Post the the message and sell your stuff. Stop hanging around acting all bitter. Just because you lost some $$$ money on HAND, it doesn't mean that it is your mission to drag people down with you.

    What I don't also understand is that there are also people out there making fun of HAND shareholders. They make fun by calling HAND shareholders stupid and stuff in that nature.

    If you don't like Hand...then don't buy it! It is that simple! Tell us why you don't like hand but you don't have to attack people that do like hand.

    Isn't it a logical fallacy to attack the individual and not the topic that is being debated?

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