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  • la_cossack la_cossack Sep 20, 2000 8:40 AM Flag

    Cell phone module is here: WSJ

    Today's WSJ has an article on the new cell phone
    module which will be available starting next week. Take
    home message was potential market for marriage between
    PDA and cell phone is huge, and Handspring will be
    the only player for the time being. If the market
    holds, I believe HAND will be at 70 by November.
    Congrats to all longs! Shorts, I would cut bait and fish

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    • I rarely short, though I do feel it is a
      legitimate trading technique. Never fall in love with a
      stock is one of my favorite proverbs. That being said,
      outside of the scenario you drew of going in and out over
      the course of a day or two, or a general market
      meltdown, I believe you are making a serious error in
      thinking that Handspring is becoming overvalued and will
      soon be under long term selling pressure. The
      announcement of the Visorphone was a seminal event (excellent
      second article in today's WSJ), and by today's standards
      a marketcap of 10 billion dollars, which Handspring
      is still under, is relatively cheap for a company
      with such tremendous growth prospects in a huge
      market. Good luck, I'll be interested in seeing how you

    • I can't give you a price..but I can give you the

      When the price is under tremendous sell pressure and
      volitivity abounds, I'll be sneaking in and out a few points
      at a time...short and cover...over and over...this
      stock will rovide me the day...I'll be parient since
      the rule for never catching a falling knife for longs
      applies the other way(never short while screaming up,
      only after the sell pressure from an obsene run

      I will post when I go in and when I sell--I'm not
      one to tell you after the fact--I'll be honest and
      tell you as my money goes in.

      Short with me and
      avoid getting a real HAND job!

    • Alright, for only $300, I can replace my free
      phone with a new crappy one.

      And on top of it, I
      can now play Donky Kong on my new $500 PDA instead of
      my $50 game boy.

      Beware the pump, it brings
      the dump. Just look at the chart; everytime it
      over-spikes it's followed by significant dumpage. Maybe if
      HAND was actually turning a profit we could rejoice in
      additional profits. But try to remain objective when you see
      stuff like this.

      Hey, I'm glad for the runup,
      but $50 is my limit for now. Too much too fast...

    • It looks like today's the day. Breakout!