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  • la_cossack la_cossack Sep 21, 2000 8:40 AM Flag

    Cell phone module is here: WSJ

    I rarely short, though I do feel it is a
    legitimate trading technique. Never fall in love with a
    stock is one of my favorite proverbs. That being said,
    outside of the scenario you drew of going in and out over
    the course of a day or two, or a general market
    meltdown, I believe you are making a serious error in
    thinking that Handspring is becoming overvalued and will
    soon be under long term selling pressure. The
    announcement of the Visorphone was a seminal event (excellent
    second article in today's WSJ), and by today's standards
    a marketcap of 10 billion dollars, which Handspring
    is still under, is relatively cheap for a company
    with such tremendous growth prospects in a huge
    market. Good luck, I'll be interested in seeing how you