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  • konshedafa konshedafa Sep 28, 2000 3:47 PM Flag

    Tomorrow HAND will turn on the red

    lights for sure.

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    • I'm new to investing and bought HAND at $36. Any
      advice on when to sell?

      Ps Most of the traffic
      out here seems to be from shorts trying to spread
      panic... Even though I'm new too this - I'm not dumb or
      naive so please reply only with serious answers.

      • 2 Replies to Im_single_again
      • You got good advise from la_cossack. I believe
        this is probably a pretty safe long term stock
        however, I don't think anyone would argue that it's
        artificially high at it's current price. I think HAND will
        eventually settle anywhere between $40-50 within the next
        few weeks. When investors are reminded that this
        stock is still in the red, and will continue to be
        there for at least a couple more quarters, we should
        see a more realistic value to this stock. I bought at
        $30 and sold at $50 (regretably!)...I will jump back
        in should it break the $50 barrier again. Just my
        two cents for what it's worth. Good luck!

      • What it your time horizon? Long term, this stock
        is still cheap. A hot dominant issue like this will
        be tightly held by the institutions for 3 to 5
        years. Short term, who knows? If I were in your shoes
        though, since you have doubled your money, I would sell
        half and let the profits ride.Best wishes, and
        congrats on your holdings.