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  • booyahstockguy booyahstockguy Jun 1, 2011 6:00 PM Flag

    Who wants a victory lap? :)

    Ladies and gentlemen, John Bell is back.

    Truth is, I sold out as soon as I saw the SEC filing, but now I want back in.

    I found this in my inbox as follows (he is clearly referring to Jammin Java):

    Subject: "My Pick is on June 9th!"


    A few weeks back I sent you a series of emails about my upcoming stock' pick.

    But then at last minute I cancelled the pick.

    Because the stock' had started to rocket and I felt it was ready for a pullback.

    Well, the pullback has happened and I will be releasing this long awaited pick on:

    Thursday, 9th June

    Remember my last pick rocketed from $0.32 to $1.67!

    That pick made many of my subscribers mucho fungala's.

    So... If you don't wanna miss out again...

    Be ready for my pick on:

    Thursday, 9th June

    I really think this could be my best pick yet.

    Best Regards,
    John Bell

    This message was sent to from:
    John Bell | Market Magic, Inc. 3473 Bay Street | Toronto, ON M5J2R8, Canada

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    • Sorry. I was out of my mind.

    • what do you mean exactly ?

    • Correction:

      First stock pick was Friday March 18, 2011.
      Second stock pick was Tuesday May 3, 2011.

    • Traderjiggs, do you know where I can submit John Bell email alert? Should I go back to long now or wait until it goes down further? Thanks.

    • Are you asking about the last e-mail before the last?

      Before I answer that, the first time I received the actual stock pick was on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011. The second (and last) time I received the stock pick again was on Tuesday, May 3rd. (Let's ignore the hype e-mails.) Then nothing in my inbox for a while. Not a word.

      After that, I got the following e-mail before my last posting:

      Date: Tuesday May 24, 2011

      Subject: "My Pick is Back On!"


      My long awaited stock pick' is back on!

      You'll receive the pick on:

      Thursday, 9th June

      (In case you're out of the loop I cancelled the pick the other week.)

      Well during the past few days things have gotten better and better for this company.

      With a bit of digging I've found major developments are happening.

      After a few phone calls I received confirmation major retailers have placed bulk orders.

      Not only that.

      The stock' price has pulled back sharply.

      Remember the reason I cancelled the pick was because the market had became overheated and pushed this stock' to crazy highs.

      Well it has just had a sharp pullback.

      And is now at bargain basement prices.

      I just couldn't delay this pick any longer.

      This is definitely a company "in play".

      Every week big developments are announced and it is clear Wall Street is taking notice.

      The next few months will be extremely exciting.

      Be ready on:
      Thursday, 9th June

      John Bell,

      This message was sent to from:
      John Bell | Market Magic, Inc. 3473 Bay Street | Toronto, ON M5J2R8, Canada

    • oh I know it was the one you posted, I am asking you what was the last one you received from him and what date was it ?

      I think he sends out emails at four different stagings, I am trying to get my arms around when. thanks

    • It was exactly the one I posted. I received it on May 31st, 2011.

      Freedom of Information! :)