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  • goldmansax goldmansax Jun 2, 2011 1:33 PM Flag

    Let's be honest - it's not about bashing or pumping...

 's ALL about doing YOUR homework. You have to have an EDGE over the person you're buying from or selling to or they're going to beat you.

    The easiest edge is to ACTUALLY read the SEC filings - every page - for the past year. Take notes and then think.
    So few people do that (bet there wasn't more than 2 for JAMN - some read the Yahoo SEC filings - you need to go to instead) - and ALL the information you need is there - and that gives you ONE HUGE WINNING EDGE because NOBODY else did it.

    Do your homework. Figure out for yourself what range JAMN's value is in - it's not that hard. But stock profits go to the guys who did their homework - it's only fair that way.

    Stop listening to either the bashers or the pumpers.

    This topic is deleted.
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