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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 May 22, 2012 5:45 PM Flag

    Another improving financial report

    Slow but sure the word is getting out and we are seeing more revenues along with higher operating costs associated with building a brand name. Good job. Keep the momentum going and perhaps by this holiday season we will be seeing trades around $3/share.

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    • Read the financials.

    • Worthless? Why it might double up any day now.

    • >isn't as stupid as he seems )or looks) you say? I agree he must
      >possess an even lower IQ than you already suggest.

      You do realize that you completely messed that up, right?

      >The stock is below $0.2/share. not only is he dumber than he
      >thinks and looks but he doesn't understand the simplest elements
      >of investing.

      So the stock is below 20 cents a share. SO?! You do realize it can keep dropping to 0, right?

      As far as understanding the simplest elements of investing, I've been getting caught up on your posts on iGo, Ford and Renn - hilarious postings you've made there! I hope you're not investing for your retirement or you won't have anything left!

    • No; you haven't answered my question even once!

      Look at the last quarterly report

      You know, I just realized I was wrong before. In Q3, they made $31K on sales of $127K. In Q4, they had net income of $30K on $204K of sales. They increased sales by 60% and had $1K LESS in net income! They sold MORE and kept LESS than the previous quarter!

      And yet for the last 2 quarters, they had losses due to cost of selling and marketing of $900K. In order for net income to cover their quarterly costs, they would have to have sales of $6.12 million PER QUARTER (that's almost $25 million/year), or about 30 TIMES what they're selling now. And that's taking into consideration that they doubled sales from Q3 to Q4. Revenue is not going to cover their shortfall any time soon.

      So the other 2 options would be a loan or equity.

      A loan? Hardly. No bank or other institution is going to loan these guys any money when they see how much they're spending compared to how much they're taking in. And Marley isn't going to put in his own money.

      Equity? Figuring an annual budget of $3.6 million at 18 cents per share, that's 20 million shares they'd need to sell at market cost. Current volume is 150K shares/day - that means it would take them 133 days to raise the money that they need - and that's assuming others don't want to sell their shares! And, of course, that would depress the price of the stock - they have 76 million shares outstanding - this would increase that amount by more than 25%, so the stock would drop another 4 cents through this process.

      So how, EXACTLY are they going to get the money they need to survive as a company?

    • I have answered your question 2x already. I really beleive you are not intelligent enough to understand what I posted. You may have a degree - I really don't know or care. I do know if you have a degree it is nothing more than a piece of paper on your wall bvacuse you really did not receive an education in business, or finance, or accounting. Unless you attended Harv Bus Sch and if so then your responses make a lot of sense.

    • isn't as stupid as he seems )or looks) you say? I agree he must possess an even lower IQ than you already suggest. The stock is below $0.2/share. not only is he dumber than he thinks and looks but he doesn't understand the simplest elements of investing.

    • Why are you afraid of the question? Where is Jammin' going to get the money to continue their business? They got $2.5 million a year a go; that money is almost gone. That money came in the form of equity.

      They can't sell more shares; that would dilute the equity that current shareholders have.

      They can't get a loan - when a bank looks over their books and sees that they're paying 2 executives $2 million a year for $800K in sales - no bank would loan them any money.

      So where is the money going to come from?

    • Brophtron isn't as dumb as he seems; as he is actually working to drive the share price down so that the smart people in recognition of the situation can scoop up shares on the cheap before the product truly reaches the shelves. Oh and it will. Thank you megatron.

    • You still haven't explained where they're going to get their cash for continuing business.

      They spend $900K per quarter. They had $800K in cash at the end of January. So they don't even have 1Q worth of cash to cover their expenses. The net income of their sales is only $30K, so that's not covering expenses.

      Where, exactly, are they going to get more cash?

    • Idiot!

      I have led a branding effort and this is nothing new.

      Love it when unqualified people speak on such ill founded principles. They easily confuse sustaining a business with growing a brand. Listen - thewse are two distinct operations and you need to go back and sharpen your pencil to learn more about business practices. You did not get your money's worth if you attend any college or a university.

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