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  • tawasbob909 tawasbob909 Jun 18, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Today's Trading for JAMN

    Given that 700K+ shares have traded this early, I would expect to about 2x or 3x av volume to trade today. Over the next few weeks, I would SPECULATE that we will go to the .75 -- .99 area and stabilize until revenue info comes out - positive of course. Remember, we will encounter growing pains as we expand our operation. $5 will not happen overnight. If you expect that, you are not being real. there will be resistence & support, just like other stocks. Also, RE Insiders. They can sell shares, as long as they are not "Restricted Shares." Maybe they want some spending money....

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    • i hope that it happens.. Although we are in over bought territory and the stock has to consolidate. once we drop to .55 the stock will fall back to the mid .40's and stablilize in that range until the next earnings report. it will be the last one out is a rotten egg type thing. smart money has sold yesterday and early today near the tipping point. We will hit a buck in time but not anytime i the next 60 days..

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      • It's hard to say, usually when the consensus is looking to buy into a correction the correction doesn't arrive, or isn't as pronounced as normal.

        Look at the broad indexes, a ton of people were looking for a major pullback in June, there has been some volatility, but there hasn't really been a correction so far.

        JAMN has run up a lot, but the prospects are so good that the current market cap still looks cheap.

        Trading technically you may end up being absolutely right, this may fall back, but I think the fundamentals could easily support a higher price that what we've got now. I'm usually looking for WHAT I think will happen, but I don't often try to figure out WHEN it will happen.

        BTW z06 Congrats on the success you've had! I used to have a C5 corvette myself.

      • Yeah. The more normal it is, the more safe I feel. Had it been rising without a pullback, that would be uneasy.

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    • This will happen. Some trading of reaping profits on strong earnings. Happens to all companies. The gap will be filled soon, then again some selling in next 10-20 days by impatient investors, then some news , a rise and a fall and then again the earnings, same cycle. Point is the stock is climbing 4 steps forward and 2 steps back, which is normal and hence healthy. imo.

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    • pump pump pump it up,, just like 2 years ago. looks like a #$%$ pine tree on the charts. My only suprise is they stayed alive long enough to try it again.