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  • j4c8l j4c8l Jun 21, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

    The hype is still going strong despite a nearly 20% fall. Amazing.


    Bigjim-littlebrain - says his "rocket is ready" (TMI there big jim). Jsteveco (not the great one) says it's off to a $1 in July and then onto $5-6 by YE. Benduckx likes to refer to himself as "an investor". Sourapples12 remains sourapples. Papa is papa (most likely high on weed).
    Like the rah-rah huddle before a game, they have convinced themselves they are going to win regardless of the odds -- JAMN remains an absolute bargain. Well, compare it to GMCR which actually makes $$ and is fast growing. JAMN's Enterprise Value/Revenues is 20.18 while GMCR's EV/R is 2.8. Forecast JAMN's sales at an optimistic $10M, then to = the 2.8 EV/R the stock price should be $.30. At $8M sales, $.24. At $6M sales (which some hope for around here) $.18. Those prices are for a company making $$, which even at $10M sales JAMN will not be doing so they are optimistic.
    You guys can make fun of me all you want, I could care less. My world does not revolve around a penny stock like yours.
    But 2+2=4 regardless of what you say. This stock is just way over-valued by any indicator you choose. If this is money you can throw away, fine, I think you are. But if it's not, you might want to examine things without all the hype ringing in your ears. GLTA anyway.

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    • LOL -not true - you missed the boat on all of the excitement. This stock - even with the recent pull back is up over 500% in the past 6 weeks. Go do your homework junior or you will miss another good day. Your post is a good laugh tho since anyone who missed like you did seems to be in your camp.

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      • bigjim, the stock is up in price based nothing more than hype. We saw the same thing 2 years ago; we saw it again in January.

        Try looking at some other stocks - see what the ratio is between revenue and market cap. I doubt you'll find a company that sold $2 million last year that is valued at $50 million now.

        Ironridge has doubled their money; the volume we've seen in the last week is likely them selling off the shares. It's likely the volume and price will fall accordingly as people realize that the stock is overpriced.

        The fundamentals definitely aren't there for a $1 price - a $100 million market cap is laughable.

    • "GMCR which actually makes $$ and is fast growing"

      Then why did GMCR revenues and profits see sequential declines last quarter and the founder of the company just quit the board of directors? Just saying that you may want to check your facts about GMCR.

      When you deduct the interest expense that JAMN will save with the ironridge deal, they lost $300k last quarter on $817k in revenues. They expect to do around $1.5M in revenues this quarter, so unless their payroll or SG&A expenses go higher, there is a good chance that Marley Coffee is profitable as we speak and they have proven triple digit growth year over year.

      "This stock is just way over-valued by any indicator you choose"

      Except for projected growth and the goodwill of Bob Marley's name association. Bob Marley is twice as high on the Facebook top 100 list as Starbucks by the way.

    • You are an idiot..

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      • Why don't you disprove his math? Companies that have less than $2MM in sales are not valued at $50MM; that's just how it works. People will reply "oh, but it's the growth potential that makes up the price". All that means is that the stock is OVERvalued.

        The volume is drying up, most likely because Ironridge has sold their shares from the deal; they doubled their money in a very short time, so I'm sure they're happy.

        We'll see how things settle out now.