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  • benduckx benduckx Jun 23, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    scoreboard for June 21

    trolls (j4c81, brophtron, ryan-whatever) - 0%
    investors - + 78%

    what to do??? listen to the trolls...errrr.....j4c81 that said "sell at .30 because it will be .05 by year end"???
    or invest in jamn and make money??? hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! roflmao!!!

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    • The trolls are the biggest running joke here - no question. Just shows how petty people can be. They waste their life, make no money and al for what they call the fun of it. They are life's ultimate loser. I think it is hilarious that they hand out here and just keep getting slapped in the face. You have to believe this is how they are treated by others in their family too. They can hang here and say al they want. I am new to the stock nt already it has made me money. Started accumulating at mid 0.30.s. Others here I see got in a lot lower - good fro them. They knew what was going on while those trolls really screwed up - in a huge way. They will never recover from those missed opportunities. Anyone can see that. They have their place in the stupid bowl.

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      • " I am new to the stock nt already it has made me money. Started accumulating at mid 0.30.s."

        bigjim; just caught you in a lie. You first posted here on June 21. You said you just tried their coffee and that day you bought 5,000 shares. JAMN hasn't been in the mid-30s since the first week of June. You couldn't have tried the coffee then bought JAMN for "mid 30s". You said on June 21st that you picked up 5,000 shares. On that date JAMN was in mid-50s; not mid-30s.

        Paid pumper, you've been outed!