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  • principletrade principletrade Aug 7, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    Redd, take notice, Bro never offered any actual estimate of future revenues.

    Redd, I'll assume you will get tired of this board in a hurry, but notice, when I asked what the FUTURE revenues would be, Bro offered no response.

    That's because he knows if he says any number higher than $2M he will be contradicting himself, but he also knows if he reiterates $2M he will be proven wrong when the quarterly report is released in a few weeks because that number is way too low (even though he has repeated that over and over in the past).

    Toevs already stated they did $500,000 in revenues in May alone, and that was before any of the major distributors came online, or the Marley Coffee kiosks started their rollout. His $2M dollar revenue number is laughable. If everything was doom and gloom, why haven't any insiders sold a share of stock in 2 months?

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    • Principle, i'm long, but I don't think we did 2M for Q2. I'm thinking closer to 1.5M which to me would be great since it would be almost double our biggest Q ever which was Q1 this year.

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    • I am quite enjoying being a spectator lately. You guys are hitting some valuable points. Also take note that a value for the Marley name also was not given. Every time we try relating the amount of likes on Facebook to give some sort of modern indication of brand recognition, he artfully changes the argument to whether or not Bob Marley has anything to do with Marley Coffee. It gets to the point where you can just tell when a person refuses to consider.

      Oh and the person i was referring to on this board is Broph just to be clear. The other guy J4lsr is just an idiot loves to rile.

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      • I'm not convince j4 and broph isn't same person. Or at least know each other. I've followed this board for a while on and off again.

        Their desire for this company to fail is bizarre. Most of their hate seems to centered around Toevs. Maybe they know Toevs personally and he stepped on them on his way to this position. Some other person will randomly post hating on Toevs as well. Other they know him personally, or have lost money investing in him before and are very bitter.

        Either way who cares. As long as Rohan wants this company to succeed, they will continue to try. He can leverage is name and money enough to make a good enough business to stay afloat for a long time. Again, if he so desires. And it seems he does from his comments and behavior.

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      • You keep on mentioning Bob Marley's likes on Facebook because the Marley Coffee likes are so pathetic! If they had real numbers, you'd mention that, instead!

    • Oh he doesn't bother me. I work with a lot of people who don't have any of their own ideas. Dime a dozen. Always quick to dismiss others until they find out that person was right. Then they spend all their time following that person. Sad really.

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    • Untrue. For Q4 last year, I said anything under 750K would be a disaster. They did little more than half of that. Back then, we got guidance. We haven't heard a peep since May was 'leaked'. Toevs said that they're shipping 1 million k cups a month. He also said that the wholesale on that would be 50 cents per cup. Yet even in May they only had $500K in revenue. JAMN doesn't give figures. They keep things vague. How much did they pay for the coffee service company (or will they pay)? Are they paying in stock? They have no cash. How can you predict revenues on a company that plays fast and loose with the facts? What's the point?

      BTW, you can't calculate a book value!