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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 Sep 26, 2013 9:37 PM Flag

    Brophtron - you are not as bright as you brag yourself to be

    You said:

    brophtron • Sep 25, 2013 5:18 PM Flag
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    Reply In the last 2 weeks, MC added 1,500 likes. Green Mountain added 21,900.
    I say, where I come from people like you are ignorant if you think you can make decisions on Likes. Did you ever look at the YTD comparison? I didn't think so. You and others like you just do not get it. JAMN has a superior YTD % gain over GMCR. LOL - so once again I seem to have to educate you on the basics of investing 101. Go check for yourself. As of today JAMN is about a 4:1 better investment on a YTD basis. So my question once again is "What's in your wallet?" LOL - thanks again for your humor. I have another story to tell tomorrow at the ol water cooler.

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    • Seems like you are running and ducking for cover. You did not answer a very simple question - you only answered a question you posed to yourself. It shows anyone you do not understand a business plan and execution. If you did you would never have pointed out the over-simplified reposes you keep posting. You are what is called a not very astute person. ??? Still don't get it - that's ok - none of us expected you to rise up to a level of knowledge that is commonly understood. No one looks at an income statement the way you responded - as if there were only two parameters. That's what makes you so foolish and again - you just do not get it. I am really enjoying this. LOL

    • "you are ignorant if you think you can make decisions on Likes"

      Actually, it's the other pro-JAMN people who think that likes will translate to revenues; it has been my position that likes don't really mean anything. I guess you haven't followed the conversation.

      "JAMN has a superior YTD % gain over GMCR"

      Gain in WHAT? Likes? Revenues? Pine cones in their pine cone collections? % increase only seems good with very, very small companies. In the last 2 years, GMCR has added $1 BILLION in revenue per year, or about 1 THOUSAND TIMES what JAMN does for revenue.

      "As of today JAMN is about a 4:1 better investment on a YTD basis. "

      JAMN is up because of hype and manipulation. It has run out of steam. GMCR is up due to RESULTS; and they will continue to grow.

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      • You are an idiot. it is a gain in stock price - a percentage gain you stupid ignorant idiot. You dis not understand anything that was said about you - what a total fool you are. Some people are here to make money. That is the only point that was being made. I even got it. You on the other hand just showed what every says about you - you are an idiot. It is not about revenues, it is not about Likes - as you indicated, it is about % gain you moron. That was the only point being made as I read it. L You still do not get it do you? jsteve is toying with you like a puppet and you are playing into the hand. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL - I cant stop laughing about this one. I wish I would have thought of it first.

      • You posted it - not me. Yes you are an idiot for even going there. You can't win. You are a child to the rest of us. Go suck your thumb. You are a complete waste of time. You missed the 500% gain and you are still crying. You cannot even address it because it makes you so mad to know others gained and you missed. LOL - Loser!

    • Well said! People like him are a drag on all of us but at least you take the time to rip. Thanks for all of us.