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  • patchinas12 patchinas12 Oct 2, 2013 10:41 PM Flag

    Profit opportunites here are gone - but still fun to visit and see what the jsteveco-papa-bigjim brain trust write


    I dare say I've made more off shares of jamn than anyone here. ~$4.30 on the short side in 2011 and another ~$.30 on the long side in 2013. Anyone else make ~$4.60 a share off this dog?? No?? Didn't think so.

    This management team really really stinks - one of the worst!! They upped the sales a bit but can't get anything to come down to the bottom line. That's the ONLY thing that counts. Doubt this sucker will ever show a profit with Toevs running it. Can't short it as price is too low. No viable reason for it to go up other than some more pump and hype. So no chance for a long position.

    Only thing left is to come by every now and then and read the hilarious and ridiculous nonsense that the "brain" trust - jsteveco, bigjim and papa.knowell - pump out on a regular basis. Do you suppose their combined IQ's gets up into the double digits? That might be a real stretch. Don't know where else one can find three idiots as dumb as these three all in one spot.

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    • for all of the money you made you seem so sad. I am glad I am not you.

    • I love it when posters say they have made money on a total dog and then tell you every reason one should not be in the stock. At the same time post to the world that a penny stock with very little revenue and no possibility for anything great to happen because of the CEO, managment etc says they bought a company at 30 cents that run up from 8 cents and they felt it would actually trade much higher and decided to buy. If you truly believe this is a dog why would you buy a company at 30 cents which had a 30 million dollar market cap and little revenue and no possibility to be sucessful. Sounds like you have an agenda.. So how long did it take Toevs to realize your were not the right guy for the job?

    • Just making money. What's in your cup?

    • raidkills1dead Oct 3, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

      will raid make you go away??

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      • don't worry about them. Having them around is actually quite funny. I mean c'mon man. Where else a reyou going to see nut jobs claim they hold no position in a stock, Bash every factual comment they can, claim they drive to a local distributor or store to meet with the store manager, and to top it all off, claim to have a discussion on inventory, sales, and placement of one product. I gotta tell you - I still laugh so hard my side hurts. But it gets better. We see a number of other posters - for all we know it is all from the same source - and they all side with a pure nut case. They all agree with a company cant be successful growing a brand and spending more that revenues from initial product or limited time on shelves, they all agree to a most ridiculous story that some person is going to g ointo Kroger and met with a manager to discuss Marley coffee just to post here - because why? To make a statement to the world. LOL Let them stay - this is too funny to let go.

    • If you do not see the chance for a long position, why don´t you move to short another stock and stop annoying and bashing over here. It gives me the feeling that you did not win but lost all your money and now want to take revenge. If you are so convinced that they are cheating why don´t you send a complaint to the authorities and the SEC.