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  • patchinas12 patchinas12 Dec 16, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    I am laughing so damn hard at this 10Q that I can hardly type.


    This is so damn hilarious! It's just like I've been saying all along. For the record: I was 100% right and bigjim-jsteveco were 100% wrong - again.
    Do you really think they have any idea what they're doing??
    Jsteveco (Mr. In-denial) says is was a "nice quarter and congrats to the JAMN management - a stellar performance". Oh that is priceless!!!
    Dufusjim (Mr. Head-in-the-Sand) is also giddy. He goes on blabbering about the alleged and totally non-existent completely made-up "400% gain" he has. Too funny!!
    JAMN lost so much money - $1.378 million!!! Idiot jsteveco earlier this year said they would be profitable by the 3rd quarter. Yeah, right. What a moron!!
    This is just so damn funny. And it couldn't have happened to a more stupid couple of morons. heh heh heh..

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