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  • jmagato jmagato Mar 16, 2014 2:41 PM Flag


    Well this is certainly interesting. Today the Kroger by me had a free taste test booth set up near the organic section for only Marley Coffee. Pretty cool. I spoke with the lady for a little bit. Not sure how much emphasis to put on what she said but she said it is catching on fast in some areas of country and slower in others. But she said it is the future of organic coffee. Good to hear that from some lady giving out free samples at Kroger.

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    • Thanks for posting that news it is the thing Marley Coffie needs to do .

    • If it was only for Marley Coffee, then it was set up by JAMN, obviously. JAMN only sells $3 of product per store per day; there's no way that Kroger would just give away that product.

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      • You are a liar. You failed to answer a simple question on this. You have no proof of $3 of product per store. And to make my point clear - tell us what the total is for one day for the entire distribution chain. You are liar and such an easy person to call out. You are a fool and it is so incredibly easy to call you out. I guarantee you will not answer this specific question with a value on total sales at the current distribution. You are clueless and oh so very stupid. And on all of this you claim to have an MBA - what a riot. You are uneducated and unqualified to really discuss any topic. Only through th magic of Yahoo does it allow idiots like to have a voice. A voice so easily marked as a petty liar. LOL., What a pathetic life you live. You are so broke all you can do is hang out here and watch others. BTW - JAMN is still very strong buy. Hope you are able to grab a few shares before it is too late. if you have any money left to invest. Good luck.

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      • Who cares who set it up. They will be selling more now. It was packed today and people love these free sample booths. I bet they sold plenty today.

        It's exciting to walk into Kroger and find Marley Coffee taste test going on. Haters will hate but no denying this is pretty cool.

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