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  • wassayassa wassayassa Sep 12, 2013 12:19 AM Flag

    another rights offering is coming at $2 or less.

    this Edwards piece of cripe is just another puppet of a criminal organization. A sandwich shop that loses millions every year for over 10 years is beyond belief. $2 million loss per quarter will continue to be pumped out for the forseeable future. these idiots at cosi are doing NOTHING to slow the loss rate.. they are moving at snails pace at best. enjoy waiting another year while large losses come rolling in along with disappearing cash balances. Bad service means cosi is full of managers who simply collect salaries and don't do any actual "managing".. without employees being "managed" and overseen, what you have is total chaos and disgusted customers who won't come back.

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    • Cosi's new BOD theme song... Alll we are saaaaaaaying is give Steve a chance. bah wha wha

    • They need Chef Ramsey

    • Agreed with much said and there is nothing on the last call that gave any hope to a glimmer of upward comps.. I have no doubt sales will take a hit again with continued closures and - comps in Q3 Anyone who thinks Edwards can change the long battle of bad culture and bad earnings history with what little resources he now has is a complete fool.. There is almost no equity left it seems the only battle is for control of whats left over in the end, which i dont doubt is up someones sleeves

    • blustreak007 Sep 12, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

      While you have some valid points, there are some things you cannot know unless you worked with this organization. Most of the restaurant managers really do care about their stores, the people that work there and the community. They are limited by what they can and cannot do by Corporate Management and the Corporate Office (nicknamed ironically "The Support Center") both of whom really do not offer much support. Most of Corporate Management is ineffective and inaccessible and makes this a very difficult place to work - believe me, I know. A lot of their best and most dedicated "worker bees" from the Corporate Office to the District Managers down to the Restaurant Managers have left because there was simply nothing else we could do - nothing was ever right or good enough, yes management offered no direction at all. Resturant managers were asked for their input just to later be told their opinions mattered not-at-all. All the Corporate Executives really care about is how much their next paycheck is going to be. Mr. Edwards says the service sucks at his restaurants and he is right but instead of starting at the bottom by looking only at the restaurants, he should really start at the top by examining the attitude and effectiveness of his higher and middle management because everything starts at the top and rolls downhill. Fix the attitude problem at the (as we were called by the restaurants) "We Don't" Support Center/Corporate Office and he'll have something real to finally talk about in his next puff piece that's published.

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      • all cosi execs and management are UTTER #$%$... how hard is it to pour a cup of coffee or put together a sandwich?... well for COSI, these tasks must be similar to rocket science. THESE sbags at cosi NEVER intend to show a yearly profit.. they intend the lazy greedy lifestyle... oh but there's the annual promises that they'll "try harder next year"... what a laugh. OH now the SERVICE is the problem... maybe that's because all the managers and execs get $200,000 salaries while those on the floor get $8 an hour. hahahaha... and what these sacks of #$%$ gonna do about it? move at snail's pace no doubt. meanwhile millions more in cash disappear from balance sheet. hard to imagine a coffee and sandwich shop cannot show a profit for over 12 years in a row.. hahahaa.. what a faaakin criminal scam. Maybe they'll be another hurricane to hit the east coast so they can blame the weather yet again... ahahahaah.. or they can just say the temps were too hot and they chased away customers or there was too much ice and customers fell on their behinds before they could enter the shop... hahahha.

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