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  • dj_kevhead dj_kevhead Oct 14, 2013 6:10 PM Flag

    And Load Up Lloyd Keeps Buying

    #$%$ is going on here.. A 44.3k block just afternoon at 2.20 ..Must be Load -Um-Up-Lloyd... Hes' either is the worlds largest Idiot or he knows something insiders dont . Creeping tenderish or tax write-offski ? Stevie Wonder can see this going BK so why is Load Up still picking this pos apart.. BOD has zero resources to fight what ever may be comming .. Delist oh-rama seems assured without an infusion of cash.. Lloyd may have control soon picking up all the bread crumbs but for what ? Im just wondering at what point he gets vocal ?

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    • agree...don't see a happy ending for this concept. Model is so far from being profitable that small changes won't make a difference. And, to your point, they don't have the cash needed to make major changes so this is a melting ice cube. Some folks think another player would buy them but I don't think that makes sense. Since the concept has major flaws, the only reason (in my opinion) that someone would want to buy them is for their locations. However, based on their public information, they don't have any owned real estate so it's hard to see where there would be any value simply on the real estate side.

    • And Royce is unloading shares. sold .2mil last week according to the SEC

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