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  • golfer18us golfer18us Oct 31, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    Upcoming earnings

    For the trailing 4 quaters, the cash from Operations was ($4.44) million and capital expenditures were $1.75 million resulting in a negative cash flow before financial engineering of $6.2 million. As we all know, they sold some stock to cover that cash burn. Unfortunately, that trailing 4 quater trend is worse than what they did for FY12 where they "only" burned $4.4 million before financial stuff. At the end of the day, they will run out of the ability to raise money on financial items and have to find a way to generate positive cash from operations. With the current cost structure, they would have to increase Gross Profit at least 50% to get to breakeven on the operating cash line. That's not likely any time soon. Looking forward to the November earnings announcement to see how things are trending. Unfortunately, the trailing 4 quarters they've published show a decline in Gross Profit and an increase in the cash burn. Not good.

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    • Rest assured earnings or lack there of will be painfull as more stores tank a roo ski.. This pig needs cash and lots of it. hanging on by a thin thread for years now with rights offerings after rights offerings. COSI only hope now is Lloyd has cash behind him when he opens his mouth and calls this POS BOD out. At this rate hes buying hes either stupid or is creeping a tender

    • you mean "upcoming LOSSES".. there are no earnings here.. only losses. this #$%$ company has at least another year of big losses coming.. what's the next excuse the morons will come up with "the weather was too cold",. "the weather was too hot", "our food is not fresh enough". "our employees need another year of training".. "the dog ate my homework"... ,

      meanwhile these muther fer execs and managers have NEVER scaled back their excessive pay and benefits.. there have been too many of these lazy overpaid f'ers on the payroll for way way too long.. and the bullsheet party still continues to this day.

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