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  • cit.millesein cit.millesein Aug 7, 2010 9:25 PM Flag

    invest in Guns & Gold

    If the directors of CIT are not criminally prosecuted, then our country has fallen to a new low... we will lose our Incredible Constitution and truly become a country no better than those 3rd world countries of the haves and have nots... not a country of the same justice for all...

    I hope you are listening to this Neil Barofsky. You need to make an example of these criminals.

    In the meantime invest in Guns & Gold

    Semper Fi

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    • Amen to that

    • You want to know what I think? I think the US Government wanted the cake as well as the icing. The cake was as mentioned the student loans and TARP recovery, the icing is that if CIT ever does recover they will sue and claim the 60 days for the CVRs was too short.

      Seeing as how I did not participate in the cake eating, and that the icing looks highly unlikely, I feel as if they (US gov) manipulated the situation so that they at least got to eat some cake.

      I (and apparently Icahn) thought that the "couple percent" as stipulated in the exchanges of the options document was fair. I was hoping the US judiciary would see it my way as well, but to them the only relevant matter was the speed of CIT's recovery.

      Now all this talking about cake got me hungry!

    • There is merit to your comments re: government

      Who's the culprit? The US Sect of the Treasury, the FDIC, who???? and how high up???

      Speculation is fine

      I have some unusual abilities: I can give you the street price for AK's in most trouble spots of the world. When the price of AK's go up, trouble is just around the corner. Conversely, when the price goes down, society has settled down to a "peaceful, productive" level

      The price of guns in this country is going up faster than any other commodity.

      Look forward to your thoughts on the government involvement.

      The former US Sect of the Treasury, Simon (no longer alive) owned the ranch nearby to our place.

    • This is hilarious!

      The US government was the director of this play. They were the only ones with enough clout to push this BK through in record time. Look at the $1.6B in student loans that were written off, no need to guarantee those now! And look at TARP, less losses than what they were expecting. Could it be that CITs quick BK helped with that? From a lot of angles, the US gov had a lot to gain with a quick BK. Notice how the first judge was quickly replaced within hours, and the new judge then issued a statement "this is going to be quick!". I thought a "judge" was suppose to be impartial? Notice how SEC won't touch this? Notice the lack of lawsuits?

      Being a Canadian, to me this feels like I invested in the Bank of Nigeria. And for them to play the "ohhh, we lost $2.3B!" card just adds salt to the wound. Oh well, might have lost it all but I am still happy ;-)

    • Don't understand, please repeat.

    • You are missing the point, this is why I offer to explain in Pashto, because only a CRAZY TERRORIST could continue to make such specious arguments.

      Our society is ruled by laws. A society which becomes lawless or has a bifurcated law system (as we seem to be attaining) is a society which will decay into anarchy.

      CIT made up their books. They mis-stated the true value of their assets to induce the government to give them 2.3 Billion in TARP money. This also led people to invest in a company which, given truthful information they would not have invested. They are being investigated for fraud regarding TARP, regarding securities fraud, regarding their "student loan program", regarding their deal with E-Bay, and regarding their subprime loans. These are only the investigations of which I am knowledgeable.

      They stole 2.3 billion from the US taxpayers and another 5 billion from their shareholders.

      I was taught not to buy stolen goods.

      What this G man does in regard to his current loans is immaterial as long as he has been an accessory to the previous crimes that CIT committed.

      Trading in CIT rewards people for being crooks. If you trade in CIT, what message are you conveying to your children... "it's ok to deal with crooks as long as I don't get caught and I make money"

      Investing in a company which has engaged in stealing from the US taxpayer is a despicable act.

      Only US traitors and godless individuals are involved with CIT.

      Do you understand?

    • If marketing and selling deals backed by "real" collateral is wrong, then Giotonto don't wanna be right. The book of Giotonto says -give me the liberty to market and sell or give me death, and - give me your poor and tired companies with hard assets, and i will finance them.

    • You must be nuts going up against Giotonto and his people.

      Also: you mention that traders of CIT are traitors, however your sentiment is Strong Sell??? Are you some sort of anti Giotonto hypocrite????

    • You don't get it!!

      money is not more important than the freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

      money is not important than people's lives

      would you like this written to you in Pashto???


    • OK IDIOT, Here's an idiotic response:

      Giotonto only markets and sells to US companies with substantial hard assets in the name of freedom and the conservative american way of life. Giotonto is not an investor in this company, but is in the drivers seat of the pickup of truth and justice. He who besmudges Giotonto's good name is akin to burning the american flag. Giotonto is an american legend who was created in the laboratory of the loan ranger.

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