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  • carlos489 carlos489 Aug 15, 2002 2:55 PM Flag

    Breaking out Baby!


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    • "After reading some of you're posts, I can tell that you are a very self-rightous individual, who cannot admit when they are wrong.
      But now you are permeantly on IGNORE!!!!!!!!!"

      If anyone doesn't agree with my posts, I encourage you to follow Goober's lead and put me on IGNORE, "permeantly".

      All the naysayers who attacked me when I stated that much of yesterday's strength in ALKS was due to short-covering-related-buying, are scratching their heads right now. "How did he know that?" Well, I've been doing this longer than most of you and I can recognize those situations.

      Anyhow, good luck to you all. You might want to pick up some Xanax. ALKS has more downside left in the next few days.

    • The problem with shorting stocks is that it precipitates the spread of negative rumors about a company, typically unfounded. Investing with the aim of seeing a company fail is, in my opinion, wrong. After reading some of you're posts, I can tell that you are a very self-rightous individual, who cannot admit when they are wrong.
      But now you are permeantly on IGNORE!!!!!!!!!

      ps, Good Luck, you'll need it

    • warren...did you find a psychotrophic agent with a lower risk of suicide? Your unethical scare tactic will not work here, try shorting somewhere else.

    • Good points.

      I also agree it is time to take profits from this run up in ALKS shares. Biotechs aren't exempt from gravity. They also trade in cycles and this up cycle may be getting a little toppy.

      I wouldn't want to top-tick this one in a long position.

    • Sounds like you're in complete denial and you want to make money off these patients, notwithstanding the risk they're exposed to.

      What ever became of responsible, ethical investing?

    • you evalation of psychotropic medications did you find ANY that do not list risk of suicide in the package insert (aka PDR)? NO you did not!! (always ask the question you know the answer to) Suicide is an rare, but real, risk for these patients. While effective medications reduce the overall risk (patients no longer hear voices telling them what to do) no medication is ever 100%. You know better than that warren. Find a better overall psychotropic medication than Risperdal for efficacy, low side effects, compliance and cost. We will be here, waiting.

      ps: there are few people in this world who make me angry, but irresponsibe posters are definitely in the group.

    • Well, as I said, the reason I'm short on ALKS is not for ethical or non-ethical reasons.

      Rather, the stock is getting over-extended (overbought stochastics, etc.) and is due for a selloff after the earnings report. A retracement into the low $8.00 range is likely in the next few days. That would be a handy 11% gain.

      May I ask you, why not join the short side and make some money? Or would you rather hold onto your shares as the market consolidates this bear-market rally as it has done many times this year?

      Selling into the earnings report at $9.00 and buying back in the low $8.00 or even $7.50 range would be the smart way to invest.

    • Hey, Warren: Lighten up a bit. Nearly all scizo's are suicidial. Alks will be back at $20 very soon, so why not get on the right side and watch your investment grow?

    • And furthermore, if you know a little bit about medicine, consult a PDR and read the side effects of Risperdal.

      One of the side effects is potential suicidal inclinations in a certain percentage of schizophrenic patients.

      I personally know of a schizophrenic person who had such an adverse effect while on Risperdal. She attempted to commit suicide with a knife. Fortunately someone found her in time. I don't think Risperdal should have been administered to her.

      So, in a sense, I may even be "ethically" justified in shorting shares of this company because I don't like the fact that Risperdal is being widely administered to schizophrenics without some sort of test that can verify which patients are apt to be prone to suidical inclinations.

      There are better anti-schizophrenic medications that are better than Risperdal.

    • agreed - but I kicked my stock out today beacuse I was up 90%. Thats a good return regardless where this goes.

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      • You done good! I had a few hundred shares in the high twenties, but I bought another 1,000 on the way back up. I am sitting about even right now, but I think ALKS could go much higher. I believe any future approval announcements will continue to move the stock higher. If JNJ works a deal with the FDA, I would expect ALKS to move much higher. I also believe they have some other alliances with companies like AMLN that also look very promising. Remember, this was a thirty dollar stock just a few months ago.

      • it's almost better for us that you do that. That way, the ones that bought in the 4's and 5's get out, and new investors come in at higher prices. Solidifies the gains I think.

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