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  • svace0007 svace0007 Aug 26, 2002 2:29 PM Flag

    does it really make sense?

    The stock drops because ALKS is cutting jobs? The reason for the job cuts was lack of FDA approval. This has already been factored into the stock. So why would it go down based on the fact that the company is trying to cut costs to offset the FDA setback? I think we will bounce back from this.

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    • If YOU "made some cash" from the bubble, it had to be by accident and was more than offset by all your BIG TIME losses from stuff you didn't understand that you dumped money into.

      Mikey, you have the SMELL of a LOSER. So get your "wellies" on and start shoveling BS with li'l "Willie". "Obverse and reverse" or "dumb and dumber," take your pick. LOL.

    • I love bears.
      I also sold in 2000, and made some cash (The cow stuff has to stop, Free Willie!)

      I wanted to see more before a re-investment. The air particle nowhere near the market. Skittish investors tank them a second time because of Risperdal (a b.s. drop, but have to face the facts it happened). 20 million shares sold b/c or Risperdal means either: 1. insiders moved their money elsewhere or 2. institutions want out.

      The best comeback by ALKS is layoffs? The layoffs were just fat trimming for a JnJ buyout....

      Perhaps I could put resperdal on my lil' thingy for you to inhale and we could both be happy....

    • Yes, Mikey, the bubble burst -- and CONTINUES to burst. Hint: I'm a BEAR.

      And it took all the "GENNY-WHINE market GEE-KNEE-US"s like you and li'l "Willie" with it.

      I RE-invested in ALKS on Aug 1 (check the message board on Aug 1 if you doubt it) AFTER having been an early investor who cashed out while the bubble was still inflating.

      Therefore, speaking "bovinely," I made "Moooooocho mooooooooLaaaaaaaah". I suspect YOU were BADLY "gassed" by the bubble deflation, non? Tsk. Tsk.

      My RE-investment in ALKS -- a "gift" from the FDA, so to speak -- is small relative to the magnitude of the previous "cash out" but good enough for THIS [BEAR] market.

    • The sky fell in 2000 Ermalina.
      Have fun sifting through the detritus.

    • OMG!!! Mikey's a "management guru" from Wilmington, DE. Must be a DD clone?

      No wonder your analytical skills have been dulled and your li'l "thingy" is. . . well, LITTLE.

      SELL, MIKEY!!! SELL! THE SKY IS FALLING, at least in Wilmington. LOLOLOL.

    • So mean, ermalina, so mean.
      At least I didn't call you a cow!

      I've been around long enough to recognize a management crew that dosen't know how to market their products.

      Maybe ALKS will reach $10 by the end of the year!

    • SELL, MIKEY!! SELL!!! You've been "pants" and the effort was . . . well, disappointing. LOL!!!

      Buy more DD, you mind-numbing twit. . . and I mean that in the NICEST possible way. ;-)

    • Save your flirting for Lil willie, You couldn't handle an evening with Mikey.....

      ALKS is on thin ice....

    • Mikey, about that LITTLE "thingy": it's ALL you have.

      And, Mikey, if you keep waving it, someone's apt to snip it off or point and laugh.


      Ooops! Guess you got the answer about which of those two alternatives will be realized. ;-)

    • I may be lame, but at least I don't have a "lil' Thingy"......

      : }

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