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  • tocram1933 tocram1933 Sep 22, 2005 8:48 PM Flag

    Insiders are selling

    Must be they know something dumb money doesn't.

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    • That's the wonderful thing about America, be wrong all you want, and let everyone else see how wrong you really are...but you can never loose your privilege of being wrong.

      I'll check back next week, lots of opportunities for you to be wrong then too, odds are in your favor of guessing something right, we'll see.

      Now go back to your coloring books.

    • You're absolutely correct re the charts of ALKS. The actual 50 DMA presently sits at 16.77.

      The reaction to Vivitrex FDA Panel postponement this past week should be looked at as a knee-jerk negative reaction. And bashers such as the Acapulcobob love to compound a minor postonement with more sinister projections. Disappointing yes but not terminal. Note: ALKS and CEPH still maintain mid 06 launch of Vivitrex.

      The fundamentals of the company are still intact. Btw, ALKS is only down about 2.5 points from its yearly high. Why? Because there's a lot more to ALKS than just Vivitrex. Earnings from Risperdal Consta keep increasing and the pipeline is firmly intact for the future;
      Byetta LARS, Vivitrex, etc. Earnings from operations will be in the black for the first time in ALKS history in the last quarter of 05. $340 mil in the bank doesn't hurt either. Upon Vivitrex approval ALKS will receive $110 mil. more from CEPH.

      Relax and drink a couple of Acapulcobob's pina coladas for the next couple of months.

    • Just what is your purpose here?? You sound like a disgruntled former employee!!! Were you recently fired from Alkermes, Inc.?? You sound so pathetic!! Get a life!!!

    • Just as I thought.

    • Hheheheheehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheehehheehhe

      You are funny, in a dumb way!

    • >If this stock is so oversold (chart say)
      >then why in the hell would you need a STOP
      >LOSS order? It's oversold, (so "you" say).

      This is exactly what I meant... You talk about charting and know jack sh*t about charting. Do you know what signals an oversold stock? Do you understand what support level is? Do you understand why and how to use stops? I stand correct, you are a true idiot. Go make up some more ID's you can use to spew som more garbage with.

    • Insiders are selling to exercise their options.
      no big deal. Just common sense. I would and have done so too.

    • Stop the cat fight. IMO, this stock is a strong buy. The future is in effective delivery systems of meds. The 90 day set back is less of an ALKS issue then it is a FDA issue. Lots of change going on over there.

    • Interesting usacopyright, I must say your post could be themost stupid of the year candidate.

      If this stock is so oversold (chart say) then why in the hell would you need a STOP LOSS order? It's oversold, (so "you" say).

      Good luck investing, have you tried putting what monies you have remaining in a money market account? Hint, if interest rates rise don't take it out . Hello, Hello, anybody home!

    • you have misdirected anger fella. You are the one that bought this co. that has never had a profitable qtr. in over 10 years, Has no drugs (only delivery systems), frankly they had a hard tume finding a partner for Vivitrex. The nfg. process to put the drug in the polymer suspension is VERY expensive. Very low throughput. Its about cost benefit and it just is not there. Now I dont know what is going to be said about the Vivi delay, but if it was minor the news would be out. Cos delay bad news so they can spin and reduce the severity. Believe the PR spin at your peril. EVERYTHING I say is true and I have backed it all up with links and logic and experience. Frankly I have done this a lot better than you have. So far I have called this co. for what it is and you have only pumped it with co. press releases that use co. created data. Do u realize how much of ALKS is about co. generated Press Releases ?? Try to learn to argue without calling people names, it is not a crime to respect someone with a differing view.

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