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  • vacscene123 vacscene123 Mar 2, 2006 1:49 PM Flag

    VIVITREX will be huge. AA DOES NOT WORK

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a cult that does little to help alcoholics. See for proof. USA has a huge alcohol and drug problem and the only recommendation of many Doctors and Courts is AA because they do not know what else to do. Spread the word to Doctors and Courts that they do not have to recommend a relgious cult (AA) as a solution to alcoholism!!!!

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    • You don't have a clue just like all the medical community. AA is NOT a cult. I have over 20 years without a drink and all I did was go to AA meetings for 5 years. I was a full blown alcoholic and after the doctors filled me with anti-depressents and anti-anxiety pills for 10 years, I went to AA, got a sponser, who flushed all the pills and haven't had a drink since. AA works if the drunk wants it to work. IT IS NOT A CULT YOU DUMB ASS!!


    • Wow, that websiteis a bunch of crap. I dont know anything about AA, but the few things I read on that site, are easily proven as false. To start out by saying the failure rate of AA is 95 - 100% is difficult to beleive. Not every single person fails. Then to say that the success rate of AA can actually be less than 0% ( a negative number ) is incorrect. You can not have more people fail, than you try to help. Sounds like a bitter bitter man, but I didnt waste more than 20 sec looking at it.

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