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  • deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs Apr 17, 2006 3:09 PM Flag

    Old Drug

    The drug that they are using to control alcoholism is an old one, it the delivery method that is new. I was confused about this drug when I bought into this stock. I thought that they had developed a cure for Alcoholism. I would guess that they would they could give someone a shot and alcoholics would drink like normal people. NO rehab, no AA etc. The people could still drink, they would just quit being drunks.

    This medication makes the person sick as a dog if they drink. Only a very small % of heavy drinkers would be interested in this drug.

    I dont know, I do not see the demand for this drug being any greater than for the old drug.

    No miracles here

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    • Didn't mean to assume you were a male doc, sorry. Now I get your handle. I think. Have you looked at the efficacy data of Exubera versus AIR Insulin? You probably saw that the UK adivosry committee did not recommend Exubera due to no addtional benefit over injected insulin, and that it did not replace needles. I don't the extent to which the UK Health Service follows their advisory committee recs the way the FDA does.

    • >> ..... offer in its cutting edge technology in the drug market.

      Do you meant fabrication of biodegradable encapsulants for implanted drug delivery? Well, i have actually been involved with this kind of work before.

    • And by the way, docinstocks was very kind to you in his post. He must be a good doc. So kind, in fact, that I had to blast you for being so damn irresponsible in posting BS on a public board.

    • It just riles me up to have a dimwit like you post your so-called knowledge or Due Diligence -or whatever- about something you know absolutely nothing about, (and could know something just by doing a few Google searches), and try to get others to believe you know one iota about this drug. You are either 13 trying to act like an investor, or you truly are challenged in several departments, and I'm not talking Macy's here.

    • How does naltrexone (Vivitrol) work?

      Naltrexone blocks the parts of your brain that �feel� pleasure when you use alcohol and narcotics. When these areas of the brain are blocked, you feel less need to drink alcohol, and you can stop drinking more easily. Unlike disulfiram (brand name: Antabuse), another medicine that is sometimes used to treat alcoholism, naltrexone does not make you feel sick if you drink alcohol while taking it.

    • Sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about on this one. This drug doesn't make you sick WHEN you drink. The whole point is to act on the brain in a way that blocks the cravings for alcohol. We people in the mental health field don't need any more misinformation given to the uninformed than already exists.

      Unfortunately, ignorance like this only makes it harder to get people to consider effective treatment when available.

      Know your facts first please.

    • Yes, ALKS has taken an existing drug, Naltrexone, and reformulated the drug with its long-acting delivery technology. And no, it's not a cure. But, as per clinical trial data, Vivitrol decreases "heavy drinking" epsisodes from 19 to 3 per month. The decrease is significant because the the "patient" now has an opportunity to control and hopefully bring to total "abstinance" their drinking problems in an out-patient setting. The original drug failed because it was in pill form and had to be taken everyday. Most patients were either forgetful or resistant to taking pills period. Given: Any treatment, if it is to have any degree of success, must have patient compliance. Vivitrol, otoh, is a once a month injection. Note: Vivitrol injection can be only administered by an MD as part of patients ongoing treatment program. There are currently approximately 10,000 MD's in the US specializing in alcohol dependence treatment. The goal: Vivitrol will become an integral part of a comprehensive management program which will include psychosocial support.

    • So you get an F for this homework because there are two "old drugs" and vivitrol is not the same thing as dusulfiram:

      "This medication makes the person sick as a dog if they drink. Only a very small % of heavy drinkers would be interested in this drug.

      I dont know, I do not see the demand for this drug being any greater than for the old drug."

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      • deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs Apr 17, 2006 3:43 PM Flag

        YEs, I deserve an F on my homework for this company. Maybe even an F-

        Sounds like chemical torture to me. Seems like it would be a lot easier to just quit drinking, or cut down.

        I know a lot of people who drink to much every now and then and I thought that maybe this would have broad appeal, because who likes to drink too much? And who would want to take a drug that increases their hangover?

        Why would a doctor give an alcoholic a drug that would do even more damage to a person's liver?

        This thing looks like it is starting to rally, but it should have been up huge today.

        I'm getting out.

    • ya didn't do your homework, and you still are slacking. Vivitrol doesn't make them sick. It's another medicine that makes alcoholics physically ill when they drink while taking it. Not Naltrexone/vivitrol. Vivitrol interferes with the pleasure of drinking.

      First of all, they don't physically crave alcohol...the idea of drinking becomes less appealing. If they do drink, the person can still get shit faced drunk, but they won't have any fun doing it. The sickness they have will be from the hangover. By taking all craving and all the pleasure out of drinking, but keeping the possibility of a hangover, this discourages further drinking.

    • You are missing the big point about ALKS. When you are trying to cash in on a gold rush. You want to be selling shovels not digging for gold. ALKS is the premier drug long acting delivery specialist. Any drug that is useful as a daily pill or shot, will be much more popular as a once a week or month treatment. Many more drug companies will be looking to increase their sales by co-developing treatments with ALKS. That is the growth engine, not the individual drugs. Vivitrol is a proof of concept that will recruit additional partners, even if it isn't a huge seller (which it likely will be, anyway).


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