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  • allenaxp allenaxp May 19, 2006 10:03 AM Flag

    The Bottom is in Load up the truck

    I am loading up here at 19.

    Shorts should start covering.

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    • More good news coming - must be because the stock is down again.

      To all yes suckers that bought in at 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, & 26

      Get ready to take your capital loss or sit tight and watch the day traders and hedge funds eat away at your position. this stock is a joke - a scam artist dream. i am already down 15k. this sucks. look out here comes 12. (hey that is still a pretty good return for the people on this board that bought in at 10). too bad for the rest of us that have only been in this since january 2006.

      I hope that a class action is brewing somewhere.

    • If you had this at 15 why in the world didn't you sell at 26? ok ok.yeah I know I know..your "Long".

    • to deadcats and smartgel...

      Misery right now. My problem is directly related to these goddam message boards. I used to check my portfolio about 3 times a week. Since I found these fuckers I can't go 1 hour without checking every fuckin holding (if a computer is available). I've learned a lot about a lot of stuff, but it's made me incredibly short sighted and impatient.

      (the broad market pickup going on right now is hopefully sign of a turnaround, and not just a kiss on the cheek before a kick in the nuts.)

    • deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs May 22, 2006 3:35 PM Flag

      Damn right it sucks, my tuition this semester has been a really fucking expensive, kick in the nuts, but I gotta hope that I am learning something.

      BTK has slide 130 points since febuary, while the rest of the market has soared. I think that our time is coming soon.

    • "sector rotation" is the magic phrase that I have 40% (and shrinking) of my "hopes" on. Goddam, should have sold all my biotechs in early March. Doesn't it suck to look back at the charts, remember what you were thinking then, and how bad it feels now? Fuck. I want to say it can't get any worse than this, but I don't want to be wrong.

    • deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs May 22, 2006 3:14 PM Flag

      I know that Hedgefunds manipulating the price of a stock is a favorite financial blog conspiracy theory, but thats not what I think is happening here at all.

      Yes, this stock has been trading down on good news, but the movement of this stock's price follows the bitech's index pretty closely, and the entire biotech industry has been trading on downward momentum.

      Since this stock is almost entirely owned by the the institutions, when liquidity drys up or moves to the hot markets like commodities then there is going to be less money coming into a sector that has fallen out of favor, even if money does not come out of a sector, if it is allowed to stagnate then people will start to sell at a discount.

      Over the long run, Biotechs out performs the market, and it looks like the hot money is coming out of commodities right now. I don't know, but since Biotechs missed the last rally, I hope that they find favor in a sector rotation.

      This stock has been a drag for me since I bought it on the news, but I believe that this sector will come back into favor and this stock will rebound.

    • hedge funds are working this stock like a pimp does his girls. "i hurt you because i love you baby" sorry i just watched hustle and flow last night.

      this board is full of con artists shorting this stock.

      lets recap-

      mad money makes some play about this in December. Stock goes up.

      since then it has gone down on all good news.

      fda approval - down.

      beat earnings - down.

      now that we are heading into the summer months - guess what down.

      only when the hacks working for their hedge fund bosses get bored and go screw investors somewhere else will this stock move up.

      so for the next year expect more of the same. down down down.

    • Hedge funds run by pro's have been known to go bankrupt... At least keep it real.

    • If you honestly have 100k wrapped up in this individual stock & you don't have a professional managing it for you . Then don't expect to get "professional results" . Those Hedge funds have professional running it form them,nothing less than a full blown MBA who can trade before hours, after hours in NY, LA, Tokyo or anywhere or anymarket in between. Arbitrage, straddles , naked or covered.

      You want to compete either get educated enough with experience or pay someone who does have the expereience. Otherwise your pissin in the wind , on Luck , Hope or Chance. So far it appears t just hasn't happened for you.

    • Do you understand why "sentiment" is a great contrary indicator? IMO (and experience), it is almost ALWAYS a mistake to move one's $$$s into or out of a company based upon one's emotion. Contrarily and very oddly it is often wise to move stock into or out of a company based upon OTHER PEOPLE's emotions. It sounds illogical but it is not. Consider the obvious: When EVERYBODY is singing the praises of a company and cheering its stock price it is highly probable that EVERYBODY has their $$$s in it. I ask you - in such a case where are the $$$s going to come from to drive the price still higher - hmmmm? {I leave the flip side for you to think about} Hang in there pal. We just need a few more schmucks (present company excluded) to hate this stock and in no time things will be just ducky with ALKS stock price. I PROMISE

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