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  • madmanshooter madmanshooter May 25, 2007 6:10 PM Flag

    stop at 16.50 I just don't trust this

    Nope, I am neither a short timer or a small investor, bought into ALKERMES when it was part of a limited partnership offered by Paine Webber in the 1980's. Have seen triple digits in the stock and low singles.

    I make my living in the industry and that is why I find your scurrying around to protect a 600 share position so funny. If you like the stock, get serious and make a serious buy. If you are really worried about the stock when it trades around 17, you probably should take your profit and leave. The management of this company runs it for their own benefit and the institutional holders,with very, very low average costs, are waiting for a buyout. That is all there is to the ALKS story.Using trailing stops to protect 600 shares from a half a buck move is a good way for the marketmakers to take you right out of the stock when they need/want to do so. I

    I don't have to give you advice, I just find your constant carping about how much you are worried about so small an investment funny. Up a whole two grand plus. Wow. Thanks for the entertainment.

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