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  • ramsr14u2 ramsr14u2 Oct 20, 2010 4:26 PM Flag

    Greed Rams RAM

    Well, the Ram has been humbled by the market and sad to say this is not the first rodeo where I got bucked to the dusty earth. The stock market is a humbling place and is a lesson to always keep in mind. ALKS is an interesting story, at least to me. I really got greedy here. I had a large position in ALKS bought about a year ago. Average was $8.88. I usually avg. in to stocks on dips and don't typically catch lows. I rarely hold stocks through PDUFA and even more rare do I hold with no option protection. With ALXA I let greed overcome my better self and held twice with no option insurance. I sold my first block at $16.05. So, good job. 81% return on my investment. I began to avg. back in at high $14's. Got lucky with the early CRL because I only got 10000 shares. I wanted 30k. Anyway, I did not buy an option hedge for protection and lost big today. I have not sold yet. I actually bought some shares at $9.95 today. Trying to decide what to do. Hope it runs over $11 in next day or so. Greed is not a good thing in stocks. I don't know why I have to relearn this one over and over.

    Anyway, several lessons I would share with others. Just use options to protect yourself if you hold through PDUFA. I was overconfident of approval and once again greed got me. The other key lesson in any purchase is the price. I avg'd in at a good price. That always give you margin for error. I never should have bought shares in the high $14's. When I did I should have hedged.

    I got lucky and my greed just ate away some of my profit. If I had sold today I would have lost quite a large chunk of my profit. 22% to be exact if I had sold at $10. Maybe I will reduce that some with my purchase today and a little luck. I will try to do better next time.

    A Ram stock tip is to buy ABAT. I think this doubles in time. It is cheap, cheap.....look for yourself.

    As always do your own DD and don't follow anybody. Use my experience only to strengthen your own. Good luck all and let's hope ALKS will get back to $13. It just might. Also, got some HGSI in the high $24's. Been waiting on that. I will probably trade that stock actively. Lots of volatility in it right now. Happy investing.

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    • Strategy to double down yesterday looks pretty good so far. I am now only $1.30 down on the last block. I will hold for now. ALKS should recoup to mid 12's. Keeping my fingers crossed. I never like to lose money. To panic yesterday would have eroded my prior gain. Good luck all.

    • I agree with ABAT too,

      I think BIOD has almost 90% get CRL from FDA, because FDA is very restrictive in the past year.
      All due to the organization change happened in March-April 2009. That's also the reason why it didn't mention other issues in the last CRL to ALKS. Different group of people in FDA review it. But I think CADX / MNKD / ACUR should not have this strange problem. Because they get CRL end of 2009 or begin of 2010, when organization change has been done.

      Not prepare to get HGSI, because I am not a good fast-react trader.

    • I agree with the ABAT statement. I have been watching that stock for about a year. It looks like it is ready to go, completely undervalued in my opinion.

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