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  • seenefa seenefa Dec 3, 2008 12:23 PM Flag

    Why has the U.S become a have not country


    Could it be that the greedy CEO's on wall street ruined the economy for 300 million Americans.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Let's not forget where the brilliant economic policies & warring & tax cuts & massive borrowing & even bigger spending & creation of bigger gov't under genius Bush and how he and his minions took us from 1st to last in just 8 years!

    • .....

    • The answer to your topic question: The brilliant economic policies of neocons & those delightful Compassionate conservatives. In other words, the Bush brain, such as it is. The ongoing failed policies of Reagan, Gingrich and that ilk. Tax cut, borrow and spend. Bring in illegals with no accountability and export our manufacturing and high tech jobs. There's your recipe for disaster. And between the cultures of Wall Street and the mentality of Wal-Mart, we're done. Stck a fork in this turkey...the USSA, we're done. Corporate socialist rules!

    • Wait a minute......

      Juggles has not been around.

      Realist & Erica are missing.....

      They've never been seen in the same room at the same time.....

      NO WAY! Don't even go there!


    • Hey Mardob....

      I suggest ya get over that "sober" thing! It's way overrated! Bwahahahahaaaa......

      Additionally, Miss DeeDee seems to be somewhat "easy going" and I'm guessing she's ok with your "ovarian logic" comment! (Ha)

      I'm out of FAS at the moment. I was lucky enuf to trade it 11 out of 12 times today....
      I noticed the NAV for FAZ ( ) is about 23.45. Do you ever check this out? It's been there for awhile, and in general, this would indicate a pop upwards pre-mkt. Futures however, have been trending downwards. So, I'm pretty much on the side lines.....

      Your thought? Thanks in advance, and, I hope you are having a GREAT evening!

    • Aznjunli,

      I can't believe it, but I was able to sell all of my FAZ in the after hours market. I bought 2,060 shares at $ 54.00 right before the market closed (I had an order in for 3,000, but only 2,060 got filled) and just got confirmation that all of the were sold at $ 55.50. In looking at the after hours trading volume, there has been only around 11,600 shares traded, so I am extremely grateful to have gotten the sell order filled. Now I have to watch the futures market tonight and see whether the SKF, the FAZ or the FAS looks to be the best play going into tomorrow morning.

    • Just remember, the messier the markets, the better it is for issues such as SKF, FAZ and EEV! Don't worry about it. I assure you, your ship will come in ever so quickly on FAZ. Like I said earlier, if you are in a position to do so, I would certainly consider averaging down at this level. If you bought an exact same number of shares as you have at the $ 70.00 level, then you would lower your average cost basis to around $ 62.50 and it would not surprise me to see it hit that level before noon tomorrow!

    • Maybe it is because of people like you, Juggles, and LowerEmissions. The three of you should rent an inner tube and sail across the ocean.

    • mr mardob, i was just wondering, i watched the houston,jacksonville football game the other night and the annoncers showed some of the panels on the stadium were missing from the hurricane ike storm. you had mentioned that you had hurricane damage. did you ever get it repaired? are things still pretty bad i galveston? or have they got back to normal? i know traveling thru the new orleans area there were a lot of blue tarps on house roofs for well over a year. ps, while typing this neal cauvato, on fox said akamadejad[however in the hell you spell that] is possibly in trouble in iran, with the huge drop in oil prices he will have to raise taxes and may not get elected next year. what a difference a year makes. ...

    • thanks mardob for the comfort. i was planning on holding for a week to see what happens, kinda shaky.

      are you considering on buying dips on FAZ and SKF as well, if so, may we all profit from this mess.

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