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  • bobhals bobhals Feb 25, 2009 11:42 AM Flag

    Atlas is Strugging

    As stated by Ayn Rand, it eventually gets to the point where the producers decide that it's no longer worth the trouble to spend time, money, and effort to try and build a business only to have the state confiscate the majority of their earnings. When the producers are gone, where will the state(federal,state and local governments)get their money since they produce NOTHING and only exist from the confiscation of money from its subjects?

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    • Cute. Desperately clinging to the failed comic book philosophy of Ayn Rand. All it ever was was a poorly thought out cover to assuage the guilt of neo-monarchists, the post-royalty answer to justify why the few deserve all the money while the many deserve none. "It's because the few with all the money are better (smarter, harder working) than those without."

      It's over, buddy. Libertarianism is dead. Deal with it.

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