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  • redferrariman redferrariman Dec 20, 2010 5:43 PM Flag

    Those douche bag CNBC fast monkeys have no clue whats goin on...

    They just crapped all over Visa.......AGAIN!!!

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    • Actually that was Carter Worth a technical chartist who said say away. Understand chartists are not traders and after a precipitous drop, chartists have no visibility until the charts start equalizing again in 30+ days. Hence if they can't see it, they won't recommend it.

      On the other hand, nearly everyone else on the panel were interested and had secured positions either long stock or option calls because they are traders and somewhat used to and have a better ability to disseminate dead cat bounces, retracements etc. Personally I still think that this is just too good a company to be selling at this level and at a minimum there's another $2 to $3 upside this week (possibly more).

    • Just one analyst. Mr. Worth is very much a trader who works on technical analysis. Technically, the stock broke the moving averages, so he's going to recommend against buying it. However, technical analysis only goes so far and rarely explains why a stock reverses course. It tends to only confirm the direction it is already going in.

      I find technical analysis good for when a stock is trading under normal conditions (for example, when it's trading is a fairly tight range with steady earnings and no real surprises). That way when it breaks above or below certain points, you can expect a pop in either direction. However, for stocks like Visa where it's a regulatory issue or news story, all bets are off on technicals. It's about dissemination on information.

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      • Actual industry analysts rather than general analysts agree that it's not a big deal. So ignore the static from technical traders and trust the people who know what they are talking about. As I love to point out on here, Jim Cramer (best example of a general analyst) came out right after the news broke on Thursday and said that issuers were hurt most by this and recommended buying banks. Quite the oxymoron there - saying the issuers (banks) were hurt most, recommend buying them, and saying to stay away from Visa and Mastercard (not issuers, they are processors only).

    • Must have scared someone, now 67.77.

    • I just heard that too on CNBC. He said stay away from Visa. That's because he missed the lower buying opp.

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