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  • chairman_wesqar chairman_wesqar Jan 7, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    Consumer's, Retailer's being bled to death by Visa,

    as they drain both with fees

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    • Here is what you can do: pay with cash. That solves the problem. When you buy gasoline, go into the store and give them cash. When it is raining or snowing or the wind chill is minus 5 that will be a small price to pay. Also, on the airline if you want a glass of wine, just suck it up and get a 7up instead. Wait till you get home to have your glass of wine. If you want a airline ticket, drive to the airport and pay for it with cash, and then go home and wait for the departure date. If you want a motel room, suck it up and take your tent, PROBLEM SOLVED.

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    • Dont care so long as it goes to Visa.

    • yeah, it's great isn't it!

    • Not true. By accepting VISA; merchants increase their sales. Those profits from extra sales more than pay for VISA interchange fees. Otherwise, retailers would not accept VISA cards. Some retailers offer their own branded credit cards. Yet they do NOT lower their prices for consumers who use their credit cards...even though the merchant does not incur VISA interchange fees. So VISA does not cause prices to be higher.

      Consumers like the convenience of VISA because they can use the VISA card at any retailer who is smart enough to be in the VISA network. The retailers are not struggling because of VISA, they are struggling because internet shopping is offering the consumer lower prices. Internet stores can offer the same merchandise without bricks and mortar overhead. Also lower labor costs, no sales tax, no gasoline cost required, and the convenience of front door home delivery.

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