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  • sksailer sksailer Apr 11, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    Why is VISA Tanking???

    What is going on with Visa? It went from $235 to $195 in just a few weeks. Is something wrong with the company?

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    • 1. Markets go through a correction from time to time. in this case it looks like a lot of people are piling on. People are betting on the weather for bad earnings and that may be but the weather has gotten a lot better and all the demand for products will start to reappear, it always does in the spring.
      People get out of the house make repairs, upgrade, garden etc. Best of all they use the CC and debit cards!!!

      2. Don’t ever forget you are talking to people on message boards that have their own agenda; they will twist a situation to fit their needs. I guess you say that about me as well…your call!

      3. The Bright spot in JPM earnings report today was the CREDIT CARD BIZZ. That was about the only bright spot. Wells Fargo had good things to say about their CC BIZZ as well. Read the earnings reports for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

      4. Earnings for V will be reported soon. Wait for guidance from the company about what and why is wrong, IF ANYTHING is at all.

      5. Remember V is a worldwide company; their products are being adopted all over the world.
      Meaning they make money all over the world not just the US. You can’t judge this company by just one market and the US economy is better than people are giving it credit for.

      6. NO PANIC SELLING, I know it’s no fun to sit through this. I sat through a few of these over the years.
      It's always amazes me how the pond scum on Wall Street walk in to work one day and decide everything is great and BUY! BUY! BUY! like nothing was ever wrong 24 hours earlier

      Hang in there

    • I Posted this earlier when v was 215 and 9 people gave me thumbs down and no one thumbs up..
      more pain to come until this puppy gets to around 165 imo..

      I will tell you why the stock is dropping imo but you will bash me I'm sure because you are so used to stocks always rising and you always listen to the pros who have a vested interest in keeping you in !
      1. price to earnings ratio is 28 but growth rate is 9% making this very overpriced read wall st cheat sheet article says fair value for this is about 165
      2. fed reported DECLINE in credit card use last month OK so you say Visa will buck this trend but no doubt the 9% growth is now in jeopardy would you disagree ?
      3. Mortage bankers aid applications for purchase of homes and more importantly refis is down to 20 year lows this refi money was fueling much of v gains over the past 2 years people !
      4. Competition from digital wallets like Marc Andreeson is coming fast and the pros will start to take that into effect when computing what Visa stock level should be The days of ability of V to charge 2% or 3% on each transaction are numbered !
      5. The fed is cutting back stimulus that will mean higher interest rates and people will have less money to spend !
      6. A huge number of retailers warned like urban outfitters, american eagle, aeroposta, mcdonalds, walmart etc you think you are immune to this ? This indicates slowdon of credit card transaction fees do I have to spell it out of you ?
      7. Market has not corrected for years and is due for a minimum 10% drop do you disagree ?
      8. Walmart and probably others will be suing V to recover transaction fees !

      Is that enough reason for you ?
      Of course you will bash me not one person has agreed with me that is reason number 9
      when everyone is bullish and all in who will buy when some want to get out

    • Look for 180 soon, still plenty of time to go short

    • Something is wrong with the rigged system called Wall Street.
      These banksters make the Mafia look like Boy Scouts.

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